Wanna Join The Club?




Nicole is abnormally small (except in her her hips and abdomen of course). Explain to her as you would a child what size t-shirt you need. The company (Propoganda T-Shirts, good name right?) has access to many different t-shirt companies and will order from them for you through me.


A Bad Girl t-shirt is now available, in sizes medium and large and XL. (I gasped at the t-shirt guy’s suggestion that I might order some “smalls.” “Sylvia don’t know no small women,” I growled.)

Have you ever wondered what the other bad girls look like? Perhaps not. But I woke up one morning thinking, “It could be like a club!” I often have thoughts that start, “It could be like a club!” In this case, I am frustrated by never having owned a jacket with the name of my cheerleading squad on the back and my name embroidered over my heart on the front. I never longed to be a cheerleader, but I wanted the accoutrements.

If you’d like to share, photograph yourself and that friend you bought a shirt for and send it to us. We’ll post them once a week. Please include your name; if you don’t want your real name with the photo, give yourself the nickname you’ve always wanted.

Just send a check for $35* (this includes postage and handling) with your t-shirt size to Nicole Hollander at 3701 N. Ravenswood; Suite 206; Chicago, IL 60613.

*Many of you have sent suggestions for “monetizing” the blog. I would really love to remount the musical “Sylvia’s Real Good Advice,” but I thought the t-shirts would be a good start.


  1. Hi, Nicole, what color is the T-shirt? Short sleeves?

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