Vagina Is A Six Letter Word

A wonderful new post from Margaret and Helen by way of Alysan.



  1. If it takes awhile to get the million vagina march organized, I’ll just have one here as preparation for the big march.
    PS – Virginia passed the unnecessary transvaginal ultrasounds law. Are GOP politicians claiming that the Affordable Care Act will cover that expense?

  2. Nancy Caddigan says:

    Simply wonderful.

  3. Shirley Harrison says:

    Two feisty old gals who “call a spade a spade!” Love it.

  4. Lourdes Guerrero says:

    Oh, my. I love them already. Maybe when I grow up I can be like them.

  5. hillsmom says:

    My son first put me on to Margaret and Helen. I purely love them, and am so glad you put up the link. I wish Helen would post more, but now I get notices just like Bad Girl Chats. So convenient. Thanks, and have a hot 4th of July.

  6. Go Margaret! Go Helen! (but be sure to get home in time for your programs 😉

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