Sylvia Comic: Unlikely Goddesses

They come in many forms. Can you spot the Goddess here?


  1. I am safe. I have no goddesses……..just one God.

  2. My Goddess is of French Press Coffee, and she appears every morning.

  3. Richard Bready says:

    You mean, there are cats who aren’t goddesses? Aside from the obvious 50 per cent?
    Love the beret. Chats Chapeaux, another fine line of Sylvia products.

  4. I live by one major rule in my household. Never question the deity of the cat. We’re all happier when I adhere to it.

  5. Wasn’t there a lovely story . . . (Chinese, maybe?) — about a wise man who cut the sleeve off of his robe rather than disturb the cat who was asleep on it?

    That’s the way to treat cats in the household.

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