On The Subject Of Aspirin

From an email I received from the DSCC this week past.

Republicans have set their time machine for the 1950s – back when, according to one prominent Republican, women could just “put aspirin between their knees” to avoid getting pregnant.

This after Republicans opened a hearing on birth control – and banned women from testifying!

We’ve already accumulated 65,000 signatures on our petition opposing their Aspirin Agenda.


Thanks for helping the DSCC stand up for women.

Sen. Patty Murray

For the petition: http://www.dccc.org/pages/wherearethewomen.

For more info: http://www.prochoiceamerica.org/


  1. Signed it and shared it on FB. Thanks. LOVE the cartoon!

  2. Ardyth Eisenberg says:

    The comment I added to the petition: “Surely you can understand that keeping the government out of women’s personal health matters is no different (or less important) than keeping the government out of small business and large estates.”

  3. Signed and sent! Sorry, I don’t do facebook or twits, but sent on to 10 real friends.

  4. Mark Francis says:

    Saw this cartoon and sighed. Stereotypes on steroids. Got to this site from excellent article by Alicia Eler @aliciaeler, associated. Duped for a dccc.org $$$ cause? Profs DCCC. Is your right of conscience (religiously defined for many, but not exclusively, under the 1st Amendment ) not first at issue? Likely the news won’t much cover this fundraising gambit. http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/291433/sisters-who-photo-shop-kathryn-jean-lopez It’s an election year, and issues, fake or manufactured, matter. And I know, I’m just a man and conservative, at that; what do I know, sisters and daughters notwithstanding? Sigh.

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