Something To Look Forward To!

This is from Richard B. Artists who reached peak performance after 80. How delightful to be a mere child compared to these artists.

art after 80

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  1. its so true – I never worry about output. right now I’m not painting. I’m riding horses. I’m also working part time, so between those two, the muse is resting. I think about what’s going to happen, but I don’t push.

    I find the work gets better. I put in my time, my apprenticeship so to speak. it’s all there, the tools. yah, they get dusty, not rusty, just a little shmootzy, but they’re right there all set like the paints and the canvasses, in my addled brain.

    this is a lifelong affliction, passion, means of communication. not creating is like not speaking. it can’t happen. we have these voices…..they are never quiet, forever noisy, forever framing, referencing, wishing there was a camera or that a camera could suffice..

    michelangelo did some kickass work – those sculptures were abstract expressionism, so perfect and gestural – rodin too. same w titian – freed from cultural constraints of expectation, when we grow old and codgity, and give ourselves the gift of “fuckem if they can’t take a………..”.

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