Questions Google Can’t Handle

I worship Google, but I was reminded yesterday that some questions are best answered by humans. So this post is for you out there.

I took a group of friends to This Much Is True, a wonderful storytelling event that takes place on the first Tuesday of each month at the Hopleaf in Andersonville.

The first time I went, I was completely bowled over. Every story was brilliant, original, provocative and well-told. The next time it was held, I brought a group of five. We left at intermission.

This was unfortunate because it appeared that I was leaving because I was offended by the subject matter of the story told just before intermission. Purely coincidental, folks! Intermission happened to occur right after a particularly boring story (which could be improved with just a little tweaking) about a sex act that is illegal in many parts of our great nation.

One friend did remain to hear the last story on the program. She emailed to tell me it was terrific. Once again I had abandoned the action before something terrific came along. Is this the story of my marriage?

Which brings me to my burning question: What is the name of the Anne Tyler novel in which the narrator looks around the theater to see his whole family rise up and leave en masse? His family is always leaving in the middle of something, never patient enough to give whatever’s going on a real chance to unfold.

Google has not been able to help me with this. Nor with this: Does Michele Bachmann believe that a wife should submit to her husband in all matters, personal and political? And if so, isn’t that rather a drawback to her being elected? Just wondering.


  1. elizabeth says:

    The title Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant popped into my mind–could it be right????? By the way, not only my marriage(s), but my life from the most mundane to the most profound has been a story of leaving/giving up just before things might have changed.

    • Elizabeth, I think it is Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant or something like that. Now I can look it up. Do you think we get a group together of those who leave too soon or is that impossible unless the meetings are short?

      • I just looked it up: Dinner at the Homesick Cafe. Although it’s even listed as Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant at a few places on Google

    • scarlet hart says:

      Elizabeth and Nicole: Thank you for reminding me that I do seem to have a reason for leaving “early” just about everywhere. Marriage, school, meetings….but never dinner.

      One time I even left jail earlier than my civil disobedience co-defendants.
      I will consider the “too soon” aspect of all this.

  2. Alysan E. Azman says:

    re: the lovely Michele: I watched her answer that question yesterday to 2 different interviewers, and, like your typical politician, she waffled. She told Dick Gregory that in her family it meant respect. He said in his family, ‘respect’ and ‘submission’ where two entirely different concepts’ She simply stuck to her version… In my opinion, she is simply a sideshow and can’t possbily be considered as presidential material.

    • I know you’re right. It’s a kind of addiction, writing about Michele…like smoking or dessert. She’s not going to be president. Last night Bill Maher said the Bachmanns were “indoor Palins”

      • Alysan E. Azman says:

        Michele is kinda the new Palin – love Maher’s comment! I am annoyed that I want to read/hear everything about Michele, as I did about Palin. I think part of it is that they are such AWFUL representatives for women – I am sure there are many intelligent women GOP’s out there, and then we have these two. Am also beginning to think that Hillary would have been a better prez.
        And now we have Mr. Perry….WHERE is Molly Ivins when we need her? I am sure wherever she is, she is really pissed that she can’t be writing about these candidates!

  3. On some news channel, I happened to see a clip of her when she was running for office in MN. It’s really hard for me to watch anything featuring her because, aside from feeling like “baby is going to frow up”, she almost makes Sarah Paypal seem sane. But I digress…So she was telling why she got into tax law as her husband “suggested” and the submission to him was mentioned from her own lips. No doubt, that clip will be dug up and played again. So according to her previous comments “submission” seems to mean more than (as the old song goes) “Knees up Mother Brown”.

    Oh, I couldn’t resist.

  4. Richard Bready says:

    “Is this the story of my marriage?” Is this why marriages don’t have intermissions?

    • Marriages with intermissions. Interesting. Do you think many people just wander off during intermssion. I did last week and the host made fun of me (and my table mates) luckily we just heard it second hand, and then of course I could get back at them in my blog. Is that what blogs are about? A little bit.

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