One Of The Pack

I am a Taurus. Probably Sylvia is as well, but she doesn’t like me to pry. I received a few lovely visuals on the qualities of Taureans (the plural of Taurus) from Alexandra Bunshaft who is an astrologer – a quite a humorous astrologer.

Dear Goddesses

I received the box on the 24th but was working for the next 4 days, and had no time to open it.
Then I opened it yesterday and voila.
Thank you Thank you Thank you
My very own Aquarian Goddess sent to me by my favorite Sagittarian Goddess and signed & designed by the creative Taurean Goddess.
I’m still smiling.
Hugs to you both
And Happy Birthday, Nicole!!
Taurus Good Traits

Here’s the bad side of the bull.

Taurus Bad Traits

It’s the herd mentality–sorry I couldn’t resist.

Yes, I have seen Taureans hang together–even if they are not a Sun in Taurus but have a Taurus Moon or Rising.


NO. YOU go first.

Ohhhhh I know that too well.


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Monday,  May 5, 1998

Still More Birthday Fun

I received a fantastic birthday card from Darlene O.

A new discovery for all of you who would like to send e-cards but find Jacquie Lawson just a little too sweet (and I’m being tactful).

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Friday, May 2, 2014

The “CATable”

Seems a little sleek, but it’s a cute cat anyway.

cat table


But honestly, Toots and I both prefer this sort of cat desk.

in her element learning to use the Bamboo pad so she can teach me

Heller And Fili’s Moving Sale

Many of us are grateful that we will not be in New York for this sale. Some of us are wondering if we can get a plane at the last minute. It’s probably a good thing I won’t be in New York that day…. All the same, thank you, Tom.

Be sure and watch the video.

The Cave from Ricky Shabazz on Vimeo.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Toots Sees A Bird She Has Never Seen Before

A small and grey with a brilliant orange mark on his forehead. Other signs of spring are around: Olivia tells me her bees are demanding huge quantities of sugar water and….there are flowers!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

Birthday Antics & Art

Sharon has niches in her back room. We had the party there because the front rooms are crowded with poles holding up the sagging roof…snow damage.  She put my face on a Shirley Temple wooden cutout in one of the niches.

twins - Nicole and Shirley Temple


There were many cupcakes, as seen in this picture of me sitting next to Preston. I brought wrist corsages for the women and boutonnieres for the men. I was stunned by the cost. Sharon reminded me that those flowers are usually bought for 2 not 6. I am wearing John’s sweater, spring is still cold.

birthday cupcakes

And one more decoration from the party: a wonderful Happy Birthday Banner.

Happy Birthday banner