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Often I can’t hear what someone is saying on my cellphone. Sometimes they respond, “I’m in the car!” I believe that excuse is illegal in many states.

If our landlines were as faint or static ridden as our cellphones, we would be calling the telephone company and complaining in a voice that can be heard without a phone.

We pretend that cellphones are a convenience. We pretend that laptops and iPads are wonderful. They are not, but if we don’t have them, we can’t communicate.

Remember when you could drop a phone from a great height and it would still work, did you ever drop the contents of a can of Red Bull on your typewriter? No, because Red Bull was not invented for typewriter users. Last year I knocked over a bottle of water onto my laptop. I was trying to drink more water, that’ll teach me. This year I used my laptop as a temporary carrying case for my time machine and accidentally closed the top. Both of these, I admit, were carless acts. But surely the cost of $600 to repair each one was harsh punishment. My friend T had Bronchitis. He bought a humidifier; the nozzle was turned toward him, damaging his laptop to the tune of $800.

But, like a bad boyfriend, we cannot quite get rid of them until we find a satisfactory replacement, and that ain’t gonna happen. Our technology will become more and more complex and expensive. Apple will find that it’s cheaper to make the entire computer as one piece, “Isn’t it elegant?” And when we are careless, we will have to buy a newer model…. Our punishment will be the learning curve.

Moon over Mt Fuji.

Whoops, dropped my iPhone,

Fucked for sure.

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Warming Norway With Radi-Aid

Thank you Bad Girl pal Anita G. for bringing us the video we’ve been waiting for: warmer people helping those who suffer perpetual cold. For the full NPR story, click here.

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I decided to clean out my refrigerator, empty all the mysterious bottles on the top shelf, rinse them, then put them in the dishwasher and recycle them. Yes, this is the first time I have completely emptied the fridge in a decade.

A number of knotty questions arise. Is there a god? Does he believe in recycling, and if so, what state does he live in?

Chicago is very strict about what you can compost. No meat, fish, or things with seeds because they attract insects. (That last rule may be one of my neighbor’s special rules.) If God lives in California, he is more flexible about recycling and composting.

Then there is the problem of the old food in the bottles. Should you put that into the disposal which sends them to our water system or what? I’m sure Sylvia’s pals have thoughts. No, Syl is not involved in cleaning out the fridge. That’s one of her rules.

Cats On Quilts!

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