I decided to clean out my refrigerator, empty all the mysterious bottles on the top shelf, rinse them, then put them in the dishwasher and recycle them. Yes, this is the first time I have completely emptied the fridge in a decade.

A number of knotty questions arise. Is there a god? Does he believe in recycling, and if so, what state does he live in?

Chicago is very strict about what you can compost. No meat, fish, or things with seeds because they attract insects. (That last rule may be one of my neighbor’s special rules.) If God lives in California, he is more flexible about recycling and composting.

Then there is the problem of the old food in the bottles. Should you put that into the disposal which sends them to our water system or what? I’m sure Sylvia’s pals have thoughts. No, Syl is not involved in cleaning out the fridge. That’s one of her rules.

Cats On Quilts!

I am a fortunate woman. Jennifer Voss sent me photos of the quilt she made of Sylvia’s cats. I posted them. Yesterday I received the quilt.  I am thrilled.

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Thanksgiving Guests

Suzy and I have been spending Thanksgiving together for a number of years, refining the event every year. It’s very close to perfection. I picked up the dinner from Victory’s Banners, a vegetarian restaurant in the neighborhood. They make the best stuffing I‘ve ever tasted. They only make it on Thanksgiving. I can’t bear the faux turkey, which is in fact, squash . I can’t bear Neat loaf. I don’t know what the heck that is.

This year we fine tuned the meal even further by eating the pecan pie with the stuffing and the vegetables (broccoli). The most excellent salad was desert. Suzy added vanilla shakes with fresh fruit. Next year, root beer floats.

We watched a great film, Headhunters, a Norwegian mystery based on Jo Nesbo novel, and then we saw two episodes of Louis CK. I’d never seen Louis. He is very profound and funny and quite uncomfortable to watch. Did any of your celebrate a somewhat non-traditional holiday? I’m sure you did. Tell us. Thank you.

In case you’re wondering, Toots had her usual fabulous grain free turkey dinner on Thanksgiving as well as some mysterious crunchy stuff that she loves. She spent the evening racing madly around the house, stopping only once to hop up on the arm of Suzy’s chair, look at her searchingly and run off.

For another take on choosing company for Thanksgiving, here’s Roz Warren’s two cents.

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Because. . . .

Because Laura Zinger is making a documentary about my life, she interviewed my ex-husband. He called me and we had quite a long conversation considering that he thinks that Liberals are hopelessly gullible and are under the thrall of communism. He feels sort of the same way that Ann Coulter does.  We usually talk about cats.

This time he said. “You are really very funny. I don’t remember you being so funny when we were married.” I thought about that for several days.

I think I was in a bad mood for four years because I was married. I don’t think I was cut out to be married. I don’t want to blame him for the bad mood, because after all, if I had been married to someone else I might still have been in a bad mood.

Black Friday

Toots and I decided to forego the dubious pleasures of Black Friday in favor of spending quality time together on the blue armchair in the living room. Note my well-manicured toes in the background.

I got this pedicure at a spa recommended by the brother of a dear friend. I have been there three times and I have never seen another female customer. What do you imagine is going on?

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