Tea Time

What does tea time look like for you?

Retronaut Tea Time Tea-in-the-Yard-2


How To Start The New Year

From our friend George M.

According to Fred Astaire, this was the greatest dance number of them all.


Toots Has A New Trick!

She bounds up to the curved wall
Of my office (it doesn’t reach the ceiling)
Walks over a decorative cage
I keep there, making an enormous clanking noise, then rests from her labors and then jumps down
Heavily, very heavily. I mention this
Because the wall has been there for a long time and she has just now discovered it’s pleasures.
Toots and cage

Toots near the cage she must walk over
On her way to make the big

Toots Atop 1

Toots Atop 3

Sylvia Archive: Ringing In The New Year

The Mary Frances Way. How about you?

New Year Strip 2

2014 With Sylvia

You know the closet you’re always meaning to organize?

In this case it was a dark wood cabinet with lovely opaque glass doors, hiding a multitude of messes. Among the many loose pieces of paper I found this quite nice one. I must have run it a few years ago, although I don’t remember posting it, but here it is at another New Year. Many of you ordered Christmas gifts to help Bad Girls Chats pretend they are monetized. Which allowed me to visit my two favorite post offices, which is like having a favorite car mechanic or a favorite winter month. Here’s a chance to support the blog with a donation for the New Year. Thank you! I will send an additional surprise to thank you. One that I can put in the mailbox. Nicole and Sylvia and Toots
Cats asking for donation

Easy donations are available:

Cup O’ Coffee $10.00

Coffee & Donuts $25.00

Kitten Kaboodle $50.00

Sylvia Archive: New Year’s Hypnosis

Want to re-write your New Year’s Eve? Call on Earl via his Hypno-Hotline via a comment.

New Year Strip

OSECHI RYORI: Japanese New Year’s Food

How will you ring in the New Year? Here’s Connie’s plan.

Well, now it is time to clean the house, pay debts, and get off to a good start in the new year with a good luck soup (you’ve got the fixings!) C-

japanese food


The Joy Of Reading Joyce Farmer

Sharon brought me Joyce Farmer’s graphic memoir Special Exits. She gave it to me because she mentions the Sylvia cartoon at the beginning of the book.

Joyce is concerned about her father and stepmother because they (especially her stepmother) are aging and living alone. I probably would not have picked up the book because of its subject matter, but once I looked at it, I couldn’t put it down.

Joyce makes her odyssey of caring for her parents compelling. Heartbreaking and familiar. She writes with great feeling and beauty.

I’ve never met Joyce. I would like to and I would like to tell her how much I admire her, for her skill as a graphic artist, her storyteller and her loving heart.

Joyce farmer strip

One Pussy Riot Member Released

Yes, wonderful. Now there’s a reason to be thankful for the winter Olympics. Can you tell that I usually don’t pay much attention to the Olympics? Will I roast in Hell for saying that? Or will I roast in Hell for being not properly reverent about the possibility of Hell?




Sylvia Archive: Least Likely To Say

What are the odds? Share in a comment.

Monday, December 30, 2013