Sylvia Archive: Resolutions

Do you have the same one every year? Join the party.

Ringing In The New Year

And another musical flash mob in Spain sent by our friend Susan A.  Happy New Year!

Sylvia Archive: Lies, Lies, Lies

She just can’t help it.  Add more to the list.


Sylvia Archive: Don’t Be Jealous

Maybe this woman can also work on the current Fiscal Cliff. Add to her day’s schedule in a comment.


Trying to express something particular? Let Sylvia help you.  These Sylvia cards, produced in the 90′s, are available in two forms.  Single greeting cards are available for $5, postage included.  If you would like a mystery batch of cards (Toots will pick 5 randomly) with envelopes, please send $15.  Mail you order to: Nicole Hollander; 3701 N. Ravenswood; Suite 206; Chicago, IL 60613.

outside a

inside a

outside b

Do Re Mi A Mass Dance

Here is another mass dance, this one from Antwerp.

Apps For Finding Things

I wonder what the learning curve is v. the time it takes each day to locate your keys, cat and those shoes you wear when you get up and the house is so cold you want to go back to bed.

Learning curve may win out.  Only 18 days left for this app.

I heard yesterday that the apple map app led several tourists to be lost in a large national park in Australia.  One man was there for 24 hours until he could find a signal. There is no water in this particular park. Apple suggests that until the problem is fixed you use other means of getting terribly lost.

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Sylvia Archive: Cat In Charge

Know a feline that plays Jedi mind tricks on unsuspecting canines? Leave a command in a comment.

Sylvia Archive: Eee-Rrr-Exercise!

Yes, there’s a group for that, too.  Syl’s is best.

This Is What Your Fans Do When They Get Together

Roz sent me this after she and Richard B. met for the first time even in Philly….

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