She’s Got The Beat

Connie sent me two videos about women over 86.  I didn’t identify with the 86 year old gymnast,  perhaps because the parallel bars have never beckoned to me.  But! Doris Eaton Travis still doing her dance  moves seems so natural. We all feel the beat and she still has the moves. A lifetime of training has not deserted her. Surely I am not the only woman who feels the beat?

Dancing In Chicago

Barbara Cooper is a Chicago sculptor. These flexible, bee comb like pieces were created by her for a performance by the Hedwig Dance Company. The pieces are enormously evocative and take many shapes.  At one point they sat like huge honeycombed pyramids on stage seeming to breathe.  They could be flattened into small boards and carried off under a dancer’s arm.

Barbara Cooper 1

Barbara Cooper 2

Barbara Cooper 3

Barbara Cooper 4

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

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Further evidence for the difference between cats and dogs.  Add more in a comment.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Throne My Father Gave Me

My father said he discovered the chair in a hotel boardroom. The hotel was being demolished. The room was empty except for the chair.

Ornately carved and high-backed, it was the chair of someone important, but not anymore. It was not anyone’s chair. He brought it to me, his eldest… the kind of gift that is very touching and immense in significance and uselessness.

I’ve carted it around from place to place. It never looks quite right. My furniture is mismatched, but even among my funky collection, this chair looks out of place. It’s too elegantly uncomfortable.

Molly Rose, a friend whose life’s work is to make things better for the disorganized, visited me and clucked over the chair. She walked thoughtfully from room to room. Finally, she lifted it and put it on the large ledge above my bed. The chair fits, but it’s kind of silly perched there. On the other hand when faced with the thought of moving it down and into another spot, I just sigh.

It looks like a throne, I balanced a pyramid of pastel hat boxes on the seat and at the very top I set a far eastern goddess. That makes it a shrine, right?


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I’m thinking about putting ads on the site… .   Hyperbole And A Half created the questionaire, and I am borrowing it here.  Thank you, Allie Brosh of H&A1/2


Email your responses to the special email address “nicolehollanderblog at”  (As to avoid spam, be sure to change the email address so it has the @ symbol instead of ‘at’ spelt out.)  And you can send more than one response in your email – we want to hear you!  You’d be surprised to find out how many delicate flowers like to set fires.

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Don’t Mess With The Women Of Texas

The protestors in the senate gallery who helped protect women’s health by running out the clock on an abortion bill that would have stopped family planning  in the state.  Wendy Davis is the biggest hero, she filibusterered for 13 hours.

This is my favorite photo of Wendy, looking quite elegantly bedraggled as one should in the middle of filibuster.  Not in Texas but want to help?  Sign Emily’s List Petition:

And the fight continues today at at Texas’ Capitol.

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

In The Bedroom

Bet Martha doesn’t have a bunny pinata looking down on her while she sleeps.

not martha stewart