What Rhymes With Orange?

From Tom’s brother, Roger. Another Magic Orange Cat. I mean, no disrespect to Toots, but there’s something about Orange Cats.


Taking Back Pink

Barbie has singlehandedly ruined the color pink for me. No! No! I won’t let her. I will wear pink as a protest against Barbie. Let us all wear pink as a protest.


Photo via ActiveRain.com

Photo via ActiveRain.com

And another way to protest and reclaim pink is to introduce feminism to children at a young age.


Photo by: Devorah Blachor

Photo by: Devorah Blachor

Sylvia Archive: Raised Eyebrows

What would your expression be if Fashion Cop showed up early in the morning? Share in a comment.

Tuesday October 28 2014

The Next Pop Up Show

The visual memoir continues to take shape! If you’re in Chicago, stop on by for the Pop Up Visual Memoir exhibit “In The Old Neighborhood,” which will be up in the second floor annex at Lill Street on Sunday from 10:00am to 5:00pm and Monday from 10:00 to 7:00. There will be images from a new section of the story on my neighborhood. I will be there to sign books and posters and original art. There will also be books, Sunday color proof and posters for sale.

Sunday, November 2, from 10-5pm, and Monday, November 3, from 10am – 7pm. 4401 North Ravenswood, Chicago IL http://lillstreet.com/

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Sylvia Archive: Feline Nightmares

Even cats have bad dreams. Click the strip for a larger comic.

Monday October 27 1998


If women have so destroyed men, surely they wouldn’t want to be one. I think the actual threat is interesting to show. The language is so full of information on this kind of mind.

Especially after the threats that forced Anita Sarkeesian to cancel her event, here is a thoughtful article about the attacks on women in gaming by Gamergate.




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Does your Superhero stopped by with demanding visits? And on Saturdays? Share in a comment.

Saturday October 25 2014


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Scientific studies aren’t always very scientific. Click the strip for an empirically larger comic.

Friday October 24 2014

Pets In Costume

My friend Donna D. owned the Parkview Pet Store on Clark in Chicago (I think it’s frozen yogurt now, nowhere near as much fun), and every year she had a pet costume contest. I was a judge once. All the costumes were terrific, so we gave everyone an award, like: “Best dog dressed as Vincent Van Gogh.” He had a blood stained T-shirt (paint), and his ear was bandaged. My favorite was a horse that came as a Checker Cab. The side of the store faced a tiny street and had a big sidewalk. Donna set up a platform and the animals went up one at a time, led by their owners. It was an exhausting job being a judge because every pet had to have a special name made up on the spot. The animal would appear and we would rush into the office for the secret judging. They all got treats too.

I remember that the pet contest was responsible for our friendship (Donna and me). After the contest we went to a friend’s house for dinner and somone attacked Donna, insisting that the animals were shamed by being costumed. (In particular, the large dog who came dressed as a bride.) I don’t believe I had a well reasoned argument against this idea. I may have just said, “You’re an idiot.”


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Thursday October 23 2014