An Awful Week

So many tragic events, so many things that knocked us for a loop, all in a week’s time. On Friday I went to meet a friend downtown. I got off the bus, and as I did a police car pulled up and parked at an angle in front of the bus I just exited, stopping it. All the traffic came to a standstill at that point.

I looked back and saw nothing but the police car blocking traffic. I continued to walk toward the restaurant.

Later when I took the train home, I was sitting in a shelter on the platform watching a young boy take off both his jackets and reverse them, zipping them up tightly. Then he carefully lowered the cuffs of his pants. I thought he must have dressed too lightly for the cold and was trying to get as warm as he could. I looked at his shoes, which were pristine white sneakers, and thought, “he has beautifully shaped feet, odd in a young boy.” He was very slight and handsome. We both got on the train. He stood near the door. Later he grabbed a young woman’s cell phone and used those lovely feet to run down the platform and elude her and the others pursuing him.

On Saturday I told Suzy the story and she said: “He reversed the jackets, so that when he ran away and was described as wearing a red jacket, he could discard that jacket and appear in the blue one.”

She reads a lot of mysteries.


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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sylvia Archive: Easily Irritated

The Irritable Woman is annoyed by airplanes.  She isn’t the only one. Click the strip for a bigger comic.

If You Want Your iPhone To Be Truly Hip

This item from Tom G., our local hipness expert.  The artist, Shepard Fairey, is the same artist of Obey and of the 2008 Obama  Hope poster.

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And this was before the sequester.  Click the strip for a better view.

When The Owner’s Away . . .

…the cat will whine.

The Iron Lady, Remembered

Thank you, Richard Bready.

rust 1

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When A Politician Dies

The passing of Margaret Thatcher has drawn a mixture of sentiments, not simply the standard sadness and sympathy usually expressed.

Here’s a video of Glenda Jackson addressing parliament after Margaret Thatchers death. What went on during Thatcher’s reign should be familiar to Americans.

From Lesley R. in San Francisco – thank you!

And the song “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead” almost reached No. 1 on the radio charts in the U.K. last week.

(Danny E. Martindale, Getty Images)