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Wednesday, Sept 3, 2014

Sylvia Archive: A Special Goddess, Patron Of Anitas

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Tuesday, Sept 2, 2014


How Trolls Attack

Poor Anita! Here’s what happens when you awaken internet Trolls with feminist critiques. Anita Sarkeesian’s Feminist Frequency project has them in a fury.
This is the latest installment of her Tropes vs. Women series.

And here’s for a little extra reading on sexism in the video gaming world.

I Have A Lego Doppelgänger?

I’d like to offer a gift to celebrate the awakening of Lego’s acknowledgement of women scientists. The first person to request it via snail mail receives this Lego scientist and her set. We’ll go by postmark date. It’s like the first caller on a radio show. No charge to the contestants, other than postage f0r a postcard. You can send mail to: Nicole Hollander c/o Greensfelder Design; Suite 206; 3701 N. Ravenswood; Chicago, IL 60613. Sylvia and Toots pay for the Lego shipping. And thank you, Tom G., for alerting my to my Lego lookalike.
female scientist

Sylvia Archive: Golf Clubs

These Bad Girls chat about the ever-popular topic of gender equality. Join in with a comment.

Original Date: September 5, 2002

Original Date: September 5, 2002

Sylvia Archive: Dealing With A Teen

This Fairy Godmother has her work cut out for her. Click the strip for a larger comic.

Friday August 29 2014

Female Scientists

I recently spent a day with my sister Jana who is recovering from bionic knee surgery. She has two sons, she has a lot of experience with Lego sets. Under her guidance I put a tiny woman scientist together. My god! The pieces are so so small. Here she is, there will not be another and should you like to buy her and the unused portion of the set please send $25 for instruction sheet, ant size figures and lab items and I will happy mail it to you. Love, Syl & Nicole

female scientist

Woman Scientist with heard slightly turned.

Tenor Or Alto?

Women on double dates often go to the ladies room together. I image they need to discuss something they can’t discuss in front of their dates…Perhaps they talk about a book they’ve just read, they do Tai Chi or maybe…upon discovering one plays tenor sax and the other alto, decide to form a small band. What they probably don’t do is have this conversation.
poster 1 001This signed and one of a kind poster, whose origin in obscured by time, is available for $25 + shipping. Please email for more info. There are more delights to come.

Sylvia Archive: Modeling Career

Ralph the Dog may not be able to ignore his public, or the Cats with Signs. Click the strip to make it bigger.

Thursday August 28 2014

There Is Less Laughter Now

Both I and Deanna didn’t realize Robin Williams wasn’t in fact Jewish until he passed away. But he was an honorary Jew. Yet he was truly one of a kind. And he will be missed.

robin williams

When I learned he named his daughter Zelda, I assumed it was after F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wife. Nope. After a video game he and his wife loved.

He was also named the best guest by a number of people, including Conan O’Brien.