Sylvia Archive: Mary Frances Finds Her Answer

With the help of friends, Mary Frances was able to come to her life goal. Click the strip for a detailed explanation.

Monday, March 31, 2014

A Final Day For Women

Here’s to the last day of International Women’s Month. Deanna has been listening to Nina Simone lately:

…and it reminds me of a snippet of an interview I saw of her on French T.V. where she said she was still unhappy about not being admitted to classical music school because of her race. It breaks my heart and also makes me admire her more – she couldn’t pursue her dream, so she made other music that (among other things) spoke out against racism and helped others.

Just Like Signing Up For Obamacare, Time Is Running Out

This is your last chance to own an original Sylvia cartoon!  Yes, shameless self-promotion.

But, on April 15 I am donating all my originals strips. If you ever thought you would like to own the original black and white artwork of a Sylvia strip, now is the time.

Tell me what you’re interested in and I will send you scans of three strips that fit the bill from which you can choose.  Please note, these are original strips… they are messy and have things written on them and in general bear the mark of having been handmade by a less than neat person (i.e., me). And they are big!

The originals are $250 each. They will be signed and dated. I can be reached via email at “nicolehollander at me dot com” and strips can be ordered until the middle of April. I am also able to offer “artist’s proofs” of Sunday color comics – color copies sent back to me before publishing. Sunday color artist proofs are available for $100 each.

Please pass this information along to anyone on your mailing list who might be a fan of Sylvia.


It’s Always Nice To See Sylvia Mentioned

An excellent mentioning of a Sylvia character. Sara Stewart is on the money with this comparison.

July 15, 2011



Sylvia Archive: Mary Frances Searches

Will she find a truly admirable and worthy life goal? Click the strip to find out.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Sylvia Archive: Ready For Anything

Find out your level of preparedness with Sylvia’s quiz. Leave your answer in a comment.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

French Zombies v. CNN

Zombies always win.  It’s true. For days nothing but the mysterious disappearance of the plane was all that there was on the news, and of course there was no real information. We heard from a lot of guys who are specialists in missing planes. I thought about Liam Neeson in Non-Stop, and then I watched a French zombie series. (Yes, everything sounds better in French.) I’m sure the American Resurrection series is not where nearly as good because we speak the language.

Here’s my question: Do zombies normally have so much sex, or only French zombies?

If you demand more of CNN, check out Andy Borowitz’s recent critique.

French Zombies

Cats & Dogs

More sets of unlikely couples. Is there no end to this?

Actually I’m happy there isn’t. My very favorite is “nothing going on here, just keep on movie.”

Kiss me, you fool!

He’s all mine!

That’s the spot!

Oh, come on, you know you love me!

It’s all right buddy, I’m here for you!

Man, I hope the other dogs don’t see this!

Nothing going on here, keep moving!.

Now I got you!

Here, I brought him back; next time he goes for a walk, you go get him.

OK, on three, we all roll over.

He’s mine, I caught him, you can’t have him, he belongs to me, so there.

What, you’ve never seen a mixed marriage?


Sylvia Archive: Research About Aching Heads

Harry and Sylvia discuss scientific studies. How would their conversation be updated with this device?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wes Anderson & A Lost Europe

Here’s a podcast of Terry Gross interviewing Wes Anderson.

I was married to a Hungarian who escaped from Hungary after the failure of the revolution. Every year Paul would tell me the story of his escape to the west, and every year I sat on the edge of my seat, hoping he would make it out and meet some lessor British Royals who helped him to attend the London School of Economics and leave for America to teach sociology at University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana (a great disappointment, he couldn’t imagine anything so flat as Illinois) and then become a Sociology Professor at UMass and a cranky right winger.

I believe I was his favorite wife.

old photo of Nicole and ex-husband Paul with Christina & Jerry

Jerry, Christina, Nicole, Paul


European love in Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel”