How I Spent My Fourth Of July

On July 4 I visited the Chicago History Museum. I wanted to see the Ebony Fashion Exhibit and Shalom Chicago, the story of Jews in Chicago. At the exhibit I was captured as I always am, by images of striking workers…especially if they are women, especially if they are led by a woman. I watch the grainy film, the story of low wages, unsafe working conditions and long hours. I see that other unions look down on these women…they are not skilled workers, they are button sewers! They unite, they protest, they win. I am standing in the back weeping. I wept during the documentary section of the Harvey Milk movie. It must be in my DNA. Show me injustice in a grainy film and I am a goner.

Next week is the 5th anniversary of the senior center where I exercise and am part of a wonderful writer’s group. The director and I were talking about the birthday cake. I volunteered to take that job. I am a cake expert. She feared that I would order a cake of such magnitude that their budget for everything else would be devoured. I wanted the cake to have tiers, which would represent the fountains on the grounds.

My dream cake

This caused the baker to become a bit skittish. She couldn’t quite imagine how  to execute the fountains.


We compromised. There will be flowers, and the image of the fountains, but in two dimensions, not three. I want to have slogans on the cake. I want it to say, “Women must have bread, but roses too.” I Google the phrase. It is perhaps apocryphal, but here’s what I found.

bread and roses protest

Image from: Bread and Roses Centennial Exhibit

bread and roses

Image by Dusan Petricic



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Monday, July 8, 2013

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Friday, July 5, 2013

Don’t Put Your Back Out

This photo amused my friend Bob W. so here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Hernia movers

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Not So Feral

This morning I got an email from my neighbors to the north. “Is Toots an outdoor cat?” I had tried an experiment after having seen some laid back kitties at a friend’s house, frolicking lazily in the backyard. I let Toots out on the back porch to meditate on global warming and whatever else occupies the brains of felines.Instead, it seems she leapt off the very high railings on the porch to the lower roof, down to the backyard and through the fence to Emily’s backyard. Emily tried to catch her,  but did not succeed. She did however scare her back into my yard, where I met up with her standing on that same railing, mewing through the barrier of branches that I had constructed to keep her inside the perimeter.   She’s back.toots

The Buzz

Roz sent me this post on a bad haircut.

I was disappointed that she didn’t have the actual photo of her horrible haircut. How else can we know how horrible it was and feel sorry for her and glad it wasn’t us? I spent a few hours drawing  bad haircuts. It turns out to be more difficult than I thought, to draw them that is. So I googled bad haircuts. Really terrifying, especially men’s bad haircuts! Men’s haircut mistakes seem particularly  unsettling. Really! take a look.

Roz Bad haircuts

She’s Got The Beat

Connie sent me two videos about women over 86.  I didn’t identify with the 86 year old gymnast,  perhaps because the parallel bars have never beckoned to me.  But! Doris Eaton Travis still doing her dance  moves seems so natural. We all feel the beat and she still has the moves. A lifetime of training has not deserted her. Surely I am not the only woman who feels the beat?

Dancing In Chicago

Barbara Cooper is a Chicago sculptor. These flexible, bee comb like pieces were created by her for a performance by the Hedwig Dance Company. The pieces are enormously evocative and take many shapes.  At one point they sat like huge honeycombed pyramids on stage seeming to breathe.  They could be flattened into small boards and carried off under a dancer’s arm.

Barbara Cooper 1

Barbara Cooper 2

Barbara Cooper 3

Barbara Cooper 4

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013