Can’t Get Enough A Women Comedians

This is from Tom G. about women comics. He says: “I don’t know how I found this, but it’s interesting.” He found it because he’s always looking and because one thing leads to another. Are we wasting time online? Nope, I don’t think so. Sometimes I find something fabulous because it’s just below the post I originally looked up.

Gabby Dunn wrote this essay in Slate on women comedians.

gabby dunn

Tom mentioned: “She also likes romance and sci-fi… you should send her some Gernif strips.”

women comedians


Sylvia Archive: Levels Of Procrastination

Mary Frances has found a way to put of a deadline.  Click the comic for a bigger copy.

Monday, January 27, 2014

V to Shining V, With Sarah Silverman

Okay Deanna, you are going directly to heaven for finding this one. Amazing video by Sarah Silverman, co-starring Jesus. Watch it, bad girls and guys! Thanks Syl and Nicole

Two Popcorn Cons

I asked Connie to write a review of American Hustle and The Wolf of Wall Street. We went together. I like that our reviews have very slightly to do with the movie and so much to do with how we relate to everything around us. I’ve been drawing an image for a podcast. It’s called The Irritable Woman At The Movies.

Sorry about the popcorn, N. You should have gotten up when the seat at the Davis Theater became unbearable.

I hate moviehouse popcorn myself. It tastes like cardboard. Being addicted to the homemade stuff since I was 9, I like it hot ‘n oily and fresh out of the pot schmeared with melted butter.

When my best friend Helen Watts made it for me along with a slab of chocolate fudge, I was hooked. Even though I lived downwind of the Fannie Mae candy factory, none of their “seconds” came close to Helen’s fudge. When she moved away, so did the recipe. About that same time I started going to double features.  I can still do three movies in a row when I get in a blitz mode.

Do you think if you saw American Hustle and The Wolf of Wall Street back to back, you’d notice a few things? Leonardo DiCaprio’s Wolf goes straight for your jugular in a way that Christian Bale’s Irving Rosenthal does not. Sure, the hair bit is hilarious but who cares?

What is watchable about a movie con is how it all unfolds and then snakes its way into your evil soul psyche.
Oh and of course, you and I could never fall for a con, could we?! Both David O. Russell and Martin Scorcese push their con artists over the top to get our attention. The Wolf is the one who got mine. He shimmies. He shakes. He rocks his way into your heart with his hunt for the perfect patsy. Three hours of dastardly fun!

Homemade popcorn vs. moviehouse cardboard. That’s what these two con flicks felt like to me. C-

The irritable woman goes to the movies

Trina Robbins’s New Book

Trina Robbins is a friend. She has written three necessary books for anyone interested in women in comics, including Great Women Cartoonists. She also writes graphic novels for young adults. I can’t speak with any authority on these, but the books on woman cartoonists are essential to gain a sense of our history.

Great Women Cartoonists

While I was looking up Trinas books on women cartoonist, I came across Diane Noomin’s collection, Twisted Sisters. You must get this if you are in the mood to see the variety and quality of women’s cartoons.

Twisted Sisters

Cats Who Fail At Hide & Seek

Maybe they don’t know the rules? Thank you, Jacque, in Florida.


cats who fail at hide and seek 3 cats who fail at hide and seek 4 cats who fail at hide and seek

Sylvia Archive: Kept From Sleep

What other kinds of questions can be added to the list? Name one in a comment.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Moving Fun

Nice little animation in The New Yorker on Chris Christie’s scandal.


Sylvia Archive: Unsoiled Reputations

A few politicians could learn from this woman. Need a voucher? Leave a message.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Post-Ragdale Work

When I got home from Ragdale, I rearranged my studio to give myself more wall space.

photo 5

I’m working more slowly and carefully. Each story has more detail and is redrawn if necessary. The breathless pace of my first graphic memoir is gone. That fast pace was enormous fun. This approach yields a different 3

I am currently at work on the story of Marlene and the candle in our clubhouse and the flames and how her mother put the flames out with her bare hands.

photo 4

photo 3