A Few More Thoughts . . .

…on the dearth of the female anti-hero in television.

This was a good article, discussing film, television and books.  http://flavorwire.com/399697/why-are-there-so-few-female-antiheroes-on-film/

Just in case you didn’t know, here’s what some of those female anti-heroes look like.

female anti hero

And if women fear condemnation for smoking cigarettes…how much do they fear letting anyone know they smoke weed?women potheads

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Monday, September 15, 2013

A Cat’s Lesson In Art Composition

Here is a photo of Toots this Sunday, posing as Still Life with Flowers.

It's a photo of Toots this Sunday, posing as Still Life with Flowers

An Invitation To My Opening

“Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly” I am replicating my living room at Lillstreet Gallery for my exhibit that opens on the 25th of October. You are all invited! Don’t worry I will remind  you again!

front of exhibit flyer


Interior of exhibit flyer

Happy Birthday, Bob!

Bob G. is Tom’s cousin and he lives in Nevada City, California, spending a great deal of time online. Bob got in touch with me through Tom. He felt that he could send me news tidbits that I could turn into cartoons. I wasn’t sure. Others have made this offer and it didn’t work out. But Bob was perfect! He gleaned examples of eccentricity from the British newspapers (human and animal) and sent them on. He was infallible except for fashion. I forgave him. He began making a chart (this is a family who makes charts) of each time I used an idea of his in a strip. He had a high rate of success. Happy belated birthday, Bob! We think of you often.

Love, Tom (Tom is the one holding turkey quills), Olivia and Nicole

bob's belated birthday


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Saturday, Septebmer 14, 2013

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Friday, September 13, 2013

This Is Terribly Shocking. . . .

Soon, if you’re LGBT in Russia, you won’t be allowed to be a parent.  And if you’re LGBT anywhere else, you won’t be able to adopt a Russian child.


This is a good article about the increase in violence against the LGBT in Russia.  http://www.policymic.com/articles/48411/russia-anti-gay-bill-russia-passes-radical-family-values-bill-while-president-announces-divorce-on-tv  And here is another. http://www.advocate.com/news/world-news/2013/09/11/russian-pol-gay-parents-are-thieves


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Thursday, September 12, 2013


Screening Performance Art

Any one want to meet me here?

“How Many Feminists…” is a collection of comedic work by female video artists and performers who identity themselves as feminists and utilize humor as an important part of their work. This show is put together with the intent of getting the academic art world and activist communities to “catch up” with mainstream entertainment in terms of experimentation and trendsetting a female comedic expression. In addition to showcasing female comedic work, this show intertwines “art” and “entertainment” into one genre by including stand up performers and comedic troupes. Friday September 6th, 2013 from 6pm-10pm, show runs until September 28th.

joan rivers

1755 S. Laflin, St.
Chicago, IL 60608
antenapilsen (at) gmail.com
(773) 340-3516
Hours: by appointment only