Nicole & Sylvia’s Bio

Nicole and Sylvia have retired from the newspaper business. Being modern women we have gone online, appearing 5 days a week at our site:

Our retirement may have had consequences, we leave it up to you to decide what upsets we influenced…. Obama wins second term, Republicans wage war on women and are defeated, Blackberry makes a comeback, the NRA acknowledges that guns do kill people and that we may be experiencing global warming. (Wait, that didn’t happen.)

Bad Girl Chats features political opinion, cultural trends, photographs and cat eccentricities from the mind of Sylvia and Nicole with the help of a marvelous group known as “Pals of Bad Girl Chats.”

Six days a week a cartoon plucked from the Sylvia archives (presently we’re in 1997) runs at the top of the page. Because we seem to be stuck in a hellish repetition of our bad choices as a nation, the strips I did in the 80’s and 90’s seem quite fresh. 

Your comments are the breath of life to us. Thank you!