A mother resorts to writing fiction to get her son to say thank you. Readers with sons may identify with this.

Once upon a time there was a mom named Janet who had a lovely son named Jerome.  Jerome was giving a brunch at his new home for friends and needed some folding chairs to accommodate his friends.  Mother Janet said, “I will bring them to you because your father, Bobby, will help me put them in the van,” which he did.  Lo and behold there was a snowstorm brewing, but mother Janet said, “I cannot fail my son,” so she drove for many hours to bring her son the chairs (after lunching with her adorable daughter Rosie).  The snow continued to fall, but mother Janet did not go home but plodded along, slowly, in this terrible snowstorm to bring the chairs to Jerome.  All this time her feet were very cold because she was not wearing her boots but rather her hightops to support her left ankle.

Jerome had a very successful party and later called his mother Janet to thank her from the bottom of his heart for all her trouble.


  1. Yup, that’s fiction.

  2. janice elkins says:

    yes, that’s my story. my son is a bad, bad boy but he is adorable so i put up with his ungratefulness. every so often he does something nice for me to redeem himself.

    all names are fictitious. he did not like the name jerome.

  3. Ardyth Eisenberg says:

    I’m glad I raised girls.

  4. Karen Kelly says:

    we get the government, and the sons, we deserve….

  5. I’m with you Karen K. … what our children do when they leave our homes is definitely their own choice, but we do set the stage when they are young even though it’s really tough to pass on values of respect and caring to our male children, given the prevailing ‘macho’ tone of our current culture …. keep on with the sensitivity training Moms!! xoxo

  6. Richard Bready says:

    And Jerome’s friends said to him, “What a heroine your mother is, and how much she loves you. You are a very lucky son.” And Jerome knew it was true.

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