For The Love Of Dog

Jimmy Stewart recited a poem he wrote about his dog Beau on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. ┬áIt’s sentimental, but truly moving at the same time. Deanna suggested it, and I’m curious because she’s never suggested a dog segment before.

It came up in my Facebook feed. Yes, it was sentimental, but still moving. As a non-pet owner, it helps me understand people’s love for their pets. Stewart’s love for his dog was simple and deep. I work wtih dog lovers at the sail loft, and my boss brings his 15 year old dog to work when his partner is away. One day he curled up around Libby on the floor like he was protecting her from a tornado, just saying little doggie phrases to her, for a minute or two. My boss is a little silly, but it was touching all the same. A bit like Jimmy Stewart’s poem.


  1. Glad you did post it. I happened to see it before probably on one of the Free Kibble sites I visit most every day. There’s a quiz for cats and dogs…right or wrong the shelters get the kibble. Thanks

  2. Thanks, Deanna & Syl! Wonderful. Jimmy Stewart’s poem made me remember my childhood dog Pookie–a gentle cockapoo who attached herself to my side night and day for 13 years.

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