Julia Sweeney Explains Sex To Her 8 Year Old Daughter

I’m always interested in how comics deliver their material. Are they the kind of stand up that you have complete faith in? Are you confident that they will bring you across the finish line weak with laughter, under their complete control. They will make you laugh! They will kill! Or maybe not. ┬áJulia Sweeney does not instill confidence and yet…and yet, I promise you will laugh.



  1. Connie Marshall says:

    My two favorite responses (real- from children of my friends) to how do humans do it:

    from a nine year old girl: “You and Daddy did that TWICE?!

    from a seven year old boy: (after a considerable pause) “I didn’t know Mom could stand on her head.”

  2. I’ve been sending out to all my friends, such a good laugh.

  3. Alysan E. Azman says:

    Thank you! Hilarious! Shipped it to my daughter-in-law to help her talk to my grand daughter, who is 9, and very curious about everything!!! lol

  4. That is hilarious. Not everyone can do the splits!

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