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I’m thinking about putting ads on the site… .   Hyperbole And A Half created the questionaire, and I am borrowing it here.  Thank you, Allie Brosh of H&A1/2http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/2010/04/someone-should-probably-kill-this-post.html


Email your responses to the special email address “nicolehollanderblog at gmail.com.”  (As to avoid spam, be sure to change the email address so it has the @ symbol instead of ‘at’ spelt out.)  And you can send more than one response in your email – we want to hear you!  You’d be surprised to find out how many delicate flowers like to set fires.


  1. I was really confused by this but if this is a serious question, I’m fine with ads. Bring em on!

  2. ads are fine as long as you spend the extra money yu make on me!

  3. nicole hollander says:

    A friend alerts me whenever this amazing site (Hyperbole and a half) discusses something I should know about. This time it was having ads on your blog. I do need to earn some money from this site. I love the idea of never earning money for anything, but sometimes a change is as good as a vacation! (That’s an obscure saying of my mother’s)
    So if you have any random ideas about earning money from badgirls, let me know. Or if you just want to send spare change in…There’s an interesting business model~!

  4. vacations cost money. you deserve a vacation. you could take us with you. I think that would be very nice.

    I like the idea of making someone pay you for being permitted to lay over there on the side, like a few capers on platter of lox, bagels, cream cheese and onions. don’t forget the nice sliced tomato.

    you can be the lox. also the cream cheese, etc. we don’t have to eat the capers if we don’t want to.

  5. Nancy Caddigan says:

    I vote for C – Ads don’t bother me. You deserve to make money!

  6. Jane Troy says:

    Well, put them on if they’ll help you. I’ll ignore them (my usual response to ads).

  7. Karen Kelly says:

    I say “B” — and when I inadvertently (as I do almost everything online) clicked on the survey, it took me to the originator’s site…..which was wonderfully funny…..of course you can have ads….this is like those people who said they couldn’t leave messages with an answering machine, or who refused to use zip codes because it was too much extra work…..I say, go for it!

  8. steve mack says:

    I also say “B.” Thanks for the laughs this morning on the site after pressing “B.”

  9. Underwriter says:

    How much control would you have over what ads appear? Would they be those personalized ads from Ad Council that bombard me with messages from Karl Rove’s AFP and exacerbate my high blood pressure? Because if so, maybe we could think of something better. You might want to ask Mimi at Freekibble dot com and Freekibblecat dot com how she does it. The ads that show there for me are for benign entities like the animal rescue site and organic pet food. Of course I want you to be able to live and also maybe buy food but I’ll bet you’d rather starve than help out Karl Rove.

  10. Dr. Tom says:

    I don’t have a problem with ads. I’m really good at ignoring the ones that are for things I don’t want or need, and the ones for things I do want or need are often helpful (but not always). You’ve already had some ads in the blog, but for things you produced and were offering to sell. If there were a lot of ads for stuff totally unrelated to the blog content and context, that might be upsetting, but I sort of trust you to be sensible.

    You might look at Randy Cassingham’s “This is True” approach; see http://www.thisistrue.com for more info on his most excellent free news review which is free but supported by advertising and subscriptions (when you subscribe, you don’t see the ads in the enhanced version).

  11. Hate ads. Hate commercials. What’s a ‘free’ site gonna do? So which ones if you choose to sell ad space? Rachel Ray’s Nutrish? Silent Unity of MIssouri? Does Planned Parenthood buy ad space? Just kidding.

    Nicole, I found two pairs of Ruby Slippers: one at the Smithsonian and one in Los Angeles. Wonder if they’d lend us a pair each just for vacation. There’s no place like Paris.

    Thanks Nicole.

  12. Richard Bready says:

    Sell ads. Solicit contributions. Hold pledge drives in which you run the same strip over and over until we send subscriptions.
    Before you had a blog, people bought and paid for newspapers to read your strips. Newspapers, which are now mentioned in the same breath as churches and endangered species, are collections of ads made attractive by a little reading material; so is the New Yorker.
    People who object to advertising are like people who never buy a round in a bar and who go to pot-luck suppers with just a plate.

  13. Adrienne Duckworth says:

    Go for it–everyone else does. I totally agree with Richard Bready–I’m just too inarticulate at this hour and haven’t had my coffee yet. I’ve lived with all the dumb ads on yahoo for years and I can put up with it easily.

  14. Sheila Saccomanno says:

    Nicole…put some ads on your site if it will help you. I tried sending it to your gmail, but it didn’t work. That is why I am giving you the affirmative here. Hope you become a thousandaire. Happy 4th to you!

  15. B/C . . . Have loved the “purity” of All You & Yours but life is life. Run the ads.

  16. C,D,G COMBINED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. depends on how many

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