Female Dialogue

From my tireless north/eastern correspondent Christina. I am glad that I didn’t take on the task of counting the number of lines spoken by female characters in Disney movies… I hope those researchers have strong coffee.



Politcal Rap

Did Sarah Palin’s performance art confuse you, too? The New York Times did a bit of translating for us.

Maybe she’s to blame for Trump’s second place in Iowa this week.



(Photo: Mary Altaffer/AP)

A New Year For Feminist Frequency

Season Two of Feminist Frequency is now here! This Bad Girl favorite has published a video and post looking back on 2015 to show what they’ve with their Kickstarter fundraiser, as well as what’s in store for 2016.  It’s been a busy year for Anita Sarkeesian and her team. Check out their post to get the details on what they’ve done and plan to do next: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/566429325/tropes-vs-women-in-video-games/posts/1469466

And now for a brand new video for “Tropes v Women: Video Games”- enjoy!

An Early Bad Girl

Maj. Stephanie Czech Rader, who served abroad and undercover in the Army during WWII, passed away this month. She lived a very interesting and amazing life. And yet, it appear that because she was a woman she was denied the highest honor. We’ll honor her now.

HANDOUT PHOTO: official Army photo of Stephanie Czech Rader, OSS veteran in wartime. Stephanie Czech Rader received her undergraduate degree from Cornell in 1937. She was a chemistry major in the College of Arts and Sciences. (U.S. Army via Cornell University)

HANDOUT PHOTO: official Army photo of Stephanie Czech Rader, OSS veteran in wartime. Stephanie Czech Rader received her undergraduate degree from Cornell in 1937. She was a chemistry major in the College of Arts and Sciences.
(U.S. Army via Cornell University)

Women Don’t Do Snow Days On Capitol Hill

Turns out only the women showed up for work today.



Taiwan’s New President Is Cat-Loving Woman!

It’s about time – Sylvia was concerned she’d have to be campaign and be elected for something.

Tsai Ing-wen appears in a New Year’s campaign message with her cat. Her cat is not happy to be used in a political video…. They won the election handily anyhow!



Posted by 蔡英文 Tsai Ing-wen on Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Must Reads!

Bustle’s published a great selection of graphic novels by women that simply MUST be read. Name some others in a comment. http://www.bustle.com/articles/132931-25-graphic-novels-written-by-women-a-guide-for-beginners?utm_source=FBOnsite&utm_medium=Facebook&utm_campaign=1

Here’s a shout out to two of Nicole and Sylvia’s favorites.

graphic novels by women 2 graphic novels by women

I Find Myself Annoyed

I’m annoyed that the cloning of dogs (the family friend) is an industry already and growing. On behalf of Toots my cat I am outraged. Although thinking of her propensity to scream at me early in the morning and stand on me to express her irritation that I am in bed and she is hungry somewhat dampens my outrage.


toots demanding food

That’s A Wrap

A long time ago I collected condom boxes as a hobby. I found some in hippy/Goth stores and some on eBay. I noticed that the boxes containing condoms were often funny in a rather childish way (the condoms themselves had long since disintegrated) and they were always illustrated. Illustrated sexual jokes on little boxes. Wow! I even found some in France. The European ones, especially the German ones, were more sophisticated, more interesting than ours. Isn’t that always the way?

Then someone told me I could donate them to the Kinsey Institute and get a taxwr ite off, and so I did. They said they didn’t have anything like my collection in their collection. I overlooked some of the very nicely designed boxes when I sent them to their new home at the Kinsey Institute and just recently came across them again.

Tom sent me this news item from Germany knowing that I would be interested in any crimes involving condoms.


Condom box images

Toast To Friday

According to the New York Post, there are at least five reasons why Champagne is good for you. From Champagne expert Ena of St. Pete, Florida.