Boyhood and Girlhood

Our country is so male-centric that we don’t even know that other places are not. How would we know unless we watched Scandanavian television? I’ve just finished viewing the European version of “The Bridge.” We produced an American version of “The Bridge.” Unwatchable!

I just watched two seasons of “The Bridge.” The woman’s roles were all over the map, from icy, to hot, to brilliant, to just plain nuts! My god, they could have been men. I was able to submerge myself in Nordic Noir because I own a DVD player that plays Region Three films. I can see other versions of women. If you see Borgen, you get an inkling of what women’s roles could be in art and life. Otherwise, all we have is the sense that we are being diminished without any concrete examples of how we could be portrayed. Real women are different than the way we are portrayed in film and television. Hard to remember than when the world serves up nothing but distortion.

Richard Linklater’s “Boyhood” had created a lot of discussion about gender and gender biases in films. This article on gender in “Boyhood” was sent to us by my friend and assistant, Fontaine.

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Cat Love Quiz

Truly scientific. File under VERY SCIENTIFIC TEST!
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Railing Against “We’re” Pregnant

Tom G. sent this. Oh bless you, Tom. I have long been driven mad by men saying: “We’re pregnant” in an effort to acknowledge that family is something men and women make together. We’re starting a family, yes, but “we” are not pregnant. Please stop it. Thank you, Mila, for your rant.

What is it with young actresses today? So much more interesting to listen to than their male counterparts… .

Pregnant actress Mila Kunis, 36, who is engaged to Ashton Kutcher, opened up about how she is sick of men saying “we” to describe a couple’s pregnancy.

“Stop saying, ‘We’re pregnant.’ You’re not pregnant! Do you have to squeeze a watermelon-sized person out of your lady-hole? No.

Helen & Margaret

I did it ! I subscribed to Margaret and Helen. And you can, too.

Would someone give me the skinny on who writes this really? I try to believe in Margaret and Helen…with much more passion than I do Santa Claus or God, but still I have my suspicions.

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Fifty Feminist Films To See

Wel,l we are going to be busy. I was thrilled that Simi Anderson’s film, “The Punk Singer” was the first film on the list. I thought: “Well I’m okay, I have it taken care of!” I was wrong, of course. Take a look at this list. Not every film is one that I long to see. But so many are on my new list. I was happy to see “Clueless” listed. I want to see “I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing, “The Headless Woman,” “Farewell China” and “Sisters in Law.”

Bon Apetit!

I've Heard The Mermaids Singing

Wicked Good Women

I learned of Elaine Stritch’s death via email, which led me for some reason to look for her on YouTube singing “To Keep My Love Alive”, a very wicked Irving Berlin song.

On the way to the song, I came across her monologue about her date with Marlon Brando….not to be missed! and then my eyes fell on Madeleine Kahn’s name. She was singing “You’d be Surprised.” I was hoping for “To Keep My Love Alive,” but “You’d be Surprised” is wicked as well. For the perfect interpretation of “To Keep My Love Alive” check out Ella’s version. Check it all out. Rest in peace all you marvelous women. Or don’t rest in peace, come back and give someone, any Republican, a kick in the ass.

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Driver’s Face v Bicycle Face

“Bicycle face” is nothing compared to “Drivers face” – that look on a woman’s face when she realizes the ability to drive and access to a vehicle gives her more freedom than she ever dreamt of.

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Can’t Get Enough

Of Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Turns out, neither can the rest of the internet.

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Obama Turns On The Sarcasm

I like the President in this sarcastic mode.

Another Priceless Internet Meme

From Tom, a surprising collection of memes you definitely want to see. More please! And it’s worth checking out the actual site

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Scott Brown, Elizabeth Warren