What A Birthday, Hillary

Hillary Clinton’s birthday was October 23rd. Gail Collins of The New York Times brought up a good point in her article: Hillary has had a very, very good birthday already, no need to send flowers or candy. Well, maybe money. Thanks to Margo for the link and Diane H. for the comic.


Melting Conspiracy

For People 55+

I have been looking for the Maybelline eyelash color with brush for many years. I want it. The tubes or wands of mascara just don’t do it for me. Once I saw the item in a catalog of old stuff, (something like a New England general store), but when I tried to order it, it vanished from the catalog. Thank you, Janice.
old readio

old toy

old mascara

old perfume

old polish

old bulbs

Gender Talk

This was quite moving and surprising to me. I didn’t know teenagers were talking together about this.

Oh Margaret & Helen, Je T’adore

Helen has a way of saying all the right things in an awesome way. Here’s yet another great post. http://margaretandhelen.com/2015/10/02/i-am-pretty-sure-republicans-would-be-fine-with-abortion-if-a-gun-were-involved/


Eric Gay/The Associated Press


Social Art

Have you see the “Politicians Debating Global Warming” sculpture in Berlin, in person or via the internet? If only some of them could be dunked like so-called witches in the olden days. From our friend Connie S.


Isaac Cordal – Berlin, Germany


Good Information!

The war on women and their reproductive rights rages on with opinions, myths and lies constantly thrown about by politicians. Here’s an informative video with – gasp! – facts.

Missed Talking Points

Hillary Clinton’s new ad is based on scenes from the Republican debate, and it’s very funny and pointed. Thank you, Hillsmom.

Hillary Exonerated

Why didn’t Ted Cruz and scores of others get down on their knees and ask forgiveness?

Worth listening to Chris Hayes talk about the scandal. Chris Hayes is worth hearing, as is Steve Kornaki and, of course, Rachel Maddow. Rachel Maddow actually does research and gives you info you never had before. She is brilliant, but a bit hard to listen too, but worth it, right? A little pain is worth enduring to get the facts, yes? And thank you to Hillsmom for passing this on for all of us Bad Girls and Guys.

Order Your Book Today!

Toots wants to make sure you’ve ordered a copy of my new book, “Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much.” She also expects anchovies on the pizza.


women who still love cats too much



Film adaptations of graphic novels by women

For the curious: graphic novels and women illustrators in movies.



Phoebe Gloeckner


Diary of a Teenage Girl