We Are All Wonder Woman


Yes, we are! Thank you, Hillsmom, for introducing us to the work of Chicago twins Sarah and Catherine Saturn. You can learn more about the Saturn twins here and check out their Etsy shop here.

We are all Wonder Women!


Where Leaning In Leads

I’ve mentioned before my dislike and distrust of the premise of  Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead. Now there’s evidence, even compiled by Sandberg’s team, that shows leaning in isn’t enough for women to advance in the workplace. Turns out there really is structural sexism to deal with, too.



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Ordinary Women

They’ve been busy at Feminist Frequency this year! After reporting to you about their second season, the writers and creators at FF have been posting new reviews of video games and branching out into non-gaming topics. Like the “Ordinary Women Campaign Video” for which they are now crowdfunding. Excellent!


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Cat Cafe Comes To Chicago

The Tree House Humane Society will be opening Chicago’s first cat cafe this summer. We have to go as soon as it’s open!


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Making Weiners Great Again

The Weiner’s Circle in Chicago came out with an homage of hot dogs to Donald Trump. Advertised as a footlong, this three inch frankfurter comes loaded Chicago style. And don’t even think about putting ketchup on it.

Sent in by Hillsmom – thank you, and we may be report back with a Bad Girl exclusive foodie review if this huge, really special deal is going on again this weekend.

For more info and hilarity, check out this review: http://chicago.eater.com/2016/3/10/11195874/wieners-circle-3-inch-dogs-donald-trump


(By Tyler LaRiviere/Chicagoist)

Xena Is Out!

“Xena: Warrior Princess” is set for a new production, one where she’ll get to explore her only-hinted at relationship with her sidekick, Gabrielle.  Something’s in the airwaves with all these reboots of T.V. shows.  This one looks like it may be a good one, though. From our expert on Intergalactic Love, Tom.



International Cartoon Collection

Check out political cartoons from around the world to see what others think of Trump, his campaign and the GOP. From our pal Karl by way of Connie – thank you!


Australian cartoon of Trump

Australia David Rowe/Financial Review

Just Like A Cuppa Tea

This is a incredible piece on “Consent.” It’s long and drawn out, but I will put up and even welcome it because it is brilliant. Anita, thank you for sending it.


Some Trump Supporters

Thank you, HillsMom, for passing this on. It’s the truth in humor that makes it so potent.

International Women’s Day

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