Another Bush

Jeb has announced for president. Here are a few little nuggets about him, courtesy of UltraViolet.


Music Amongst Headstones

Sunday won’t simply be for fathers, it will be for Exquisite Corpses. At least in New York City. Improvised music will be preformed in a number of cemeteries for a memento mori. If you’re in NYC, have a picnic and listen for us.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Small Victories

Sadly, this wasn’t so in Texas and Wisconsin. But victories need to be counted, too. We’ll see how we fare this month with upcoming Supreme Court decisions.

Abortion waiting period

Calling Bee Ess

The New York Times called attention to Hillary Clinton’s wardrobe. Where are the Fashion Cop articles on all the males candidates’ spending on their appearances, and their and spending in general? Exactly.


Doug Mills/The New York Times


Women In Science

A response to Tim Hunt’s remarks about the annoyance of having to work with woman scientist in labs. He has evidently since resigned. What reason did he give? Women have no sense of humor, can’t work with them, can’t send them out for coffee anymore and they cry. And they can’t help being #distractinglysexy .

Here’s one of many mocking tweets.


He’s A Bro

We in Illinois are blessed with the presence of Senator Mark Kirk. He’s one cool misogynist and racist all wrapped up in one, even during roll call in the Senate. Happy Friday!


Sen. Mark Kirk. (Abel Uribe/ Chicago Tribune)


Only Nine Lives

The oldest cat, Tiffany Two, at age 27, is no longer with us. Who is now the oldest cat?

2 cats

Scaling Mountains

Sylvia isn’t the only tough woman around. The mountain climbing women of Afghanistan continue to train for climbing their tallest mountain yet, even when it seems impossible.


Soraya Sarhaddi-Nelson/NPR

Cats Rule The Internet

So it’s true. Here’s some empirical evidence tying the owners of cats and the keepers of blogs together to explain why cats are still so loved on the internet.

cat in a box

Dogs don’t share the same status on the internet, but they do provide some comic relief.

Fellow Cartoonist Jules Feiffer’s New Book

Jules Feiffer are friends who are out of touch. He wrote the introduction to The Sylvia Chronicles, and I will be forever grateful. I was also surprised. Yes, we were friends, but I had no idea what he felt about my work. It would have been rude to ask or perhaps even weird or would have gotten an edgy response. Luckily it only came up when I asked him to write an introduction (or no doubt it was the publisher’s idea: Let’s get someone really famous to write the intro.) He did, and it was good. Check out Kill My Mother, which he published last year, and the new book, Out Of Line: The Art Of Jules Feiffer, about him and his work by Martha Fay, Leonard S. Marcus and Mike Nichols.