Hungry For Glamor

Take a look at Bitch Media for a look at the campaign that a cosmetic company is using to promote their products in connection with The Hunger Games. Ingenious or bizarre? Let us know in a comment.

Hunger Games glamour

Sloth Speed

A fascinating article about the three-toed sloth, found while just looking around the New York Times.


Never Heard Of Her Before The Writer’s Almanac

This is from Mickey. Sorry to have missed Gertrude’s actual birthday. I like this idea. Anyone else have an unsung woman to wish happy birthday?

Today is the birthday of pharmacologist Gertrude Elion, born in New York City in 1918. She was a bright girl who loved every subject in school and agonized when she had to choose just one path in college. The death of her beloved grandfather of cancer tipped the scales in favor of science; she wanted to use her intellect to fight the disease. She majored in chemistry at Hunter College, and then hit a brick wall when she tried to enter the job market in her field.

“Nobody … took me seriously. They wondered why in the world I wanted to be a chemist when no women were doing that. The world was not waiting for me.” She went to secretarial school so she could pay the bills, and finally she got a job as an unpaid lab assistant. With World War II came more opportunities for female scientists, and in 1944, she went to work for the pharmaceutical company Burroughs Wellcome. It was there that she formed a research partnership with Dr. George Hitchings that would last more than 40 years. Over the course of her career, Elion developed drugs to treat leukemia, malaria, herpes, and AIDS. She won the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1988.


Uncle Fun Is Closing Shop- He’s Having Fun Elsewhere

The store officially closes on January 26. Frankel owns the building and said he does not yet know what he’ll do with it.

Baltimore, to be precise. If you live in Chicago, you have to rush over this weekend to buy discounted treasures from the store. You can also buy the building, which houses the store, and live above the store. You can also hire the delightful young woman who works upfront. She’s out of a job and looking for one. She is not the only person looking for a job. Oh, my.

Frankel took me upstairs to his apartment where he is selling magical paintings and objects also magical. I took photos. Here they are.

Connie at Uncle Fun's

Uncle Fun image 2 Uncle Fun image 3 Uncle Fun image 4 Uncle Fun image


Tea Time

What does tea time look like for you?

Retronaut Tea Time Tea-in-the-Yard-2

How To Start The New Year

From our friend George M.

According to Fred Astaire, this was the greatest dance number of them all.

Post-Consumerism Art

I want to see Tiffany Gholar’s art and her space at the Fine Arts Building.  Watch the video in attached link and be entranced.




Photos by Andrea Bauer.

space-TiffanyGholar-17 dollhouses/Content?oid=11764664

Diving Into Life

In another life, this is me.


Check out Retronaut for a couple more chilling photos.


Truth, very elegantly presented. Sent to Bad Girls by Tom G.

More From The Front Lines

Ruth Rosen has another insightful article. “The Republican war on women: The newly invisible and undeserving poor.”
A very clean picture of the Republican view of the poor in America. A majority of the poor are women and their children. Food assistance goes back into the economy.