Amazon’s Assaults

The NSA is spying on us and Amazon is destroying the publishing industry. Which is the bigger shock? I use Amazon to buy all kinds of things that have nothing to do with books. Was this the plan all the while? Will I give up the convenience of one click shopping with the Devil? 

Here’s an article from The New Yorker on Amazon v the publishing industry.

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Here’s A Cartoonist Worth Watching

She’s 53. And I love the road not taken. Thanks, Roz.

Isabella Bannerman


When More Than Leaning In Is Required

Which is basically always. In response to Jill Abramson being fired, this report highlights the phenomenon of the ‘Glass Cliff’ that awaits people of color and women.

Neil Degrass-Tyson gives a great perspective when asked if there is a genetic bias for men over women in sciences. What a treat!

Even female-named hurricanes are affected by this phenomenon! Oy wei.


First Things First

Jules Feiffer reinvents himself again, this time with his first graphic novel.

jules feiffer

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Not A Jane Doe

An interesting article on the torrent of abuse heaped against those who suggest that Jane Austen belongs on British currency.


Jane Austen 10-pound note unveiled. Source:

Happy Birthday, Poppy!


How old is the oldest cat?–poppy-the-tortoiseshell-from-bournemouth-is–feline–her-age-163446848.html

oldest cat

The Things You Can Do With Cardboard

Via Tom, our most excellent guide to all that is interesting on the Internet. Merci mille fois.

Some people seem to get things right the first time out. It probably helps that Zoey and David of Dosshaus are French.

the_music_room_by_dosshaus-600x399 cardboard art

cardboard art by Dosshaus

A Review Of Donna Tartt’s “The Goldfinch”

I am an impatient person with, to be truthful, the attention span of a hamster. Although that hampster once on the wheel does go round and round focused intently on his trip and does not leap off to other amusements. I started The Goldfinch. I never stopped. I never lost interest. I was amazed at Donna Tartt’s talent. I could separate myself enough from the story to be aware of her masterly plot and character construction, but I was enthralled by the story.

Get on the list at your local library. I say that knowing that I am not robbing Donna Tartt of her income. She’s okay financially. I’m pretty sure, and there will be a movie, why not? Too bad Jesse Eisenberg is too old to play Theo. Donald Sutherland will be Hobie, the furniture restorer. Who will play Boris? Probably a newcomer. Who will play Theo’s mother, Audrey (Michelle Williams?) or the wonderful awful role of the matriarch of the uppercrust family who takes Theo in?

Don’t just take my word for it – check out Stephen King’s review.

the goldfinch

No Need For Pretty

For all the strong, intelligent, resourceful, striking, handsome, intelligent and independent women out there. A short essay by Erin of the fashion blog A Dress A Day about prettiness and its (lack of) value compared to other attributes. A bit of an ode to Diane Vreeland, found via a friend’s Facebook page. Did you know Sylvia’s on Facebook?? Yep.

My Frida Kahlo Earrings

World History In A Digestable Format

A very tiny book of everything that’s important, passed on by the other Nicole – Nicole F. Check it out at:

Hopefully you have time to read it in one sitting.

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