A Graphic Novel To Watch For

A welcome addition to a feminist library. This graphic novel is available next week.



“Sally Heathcote: Suffragette” by Bryan Talbot, Mary M. Talbot and Kate Charlesworth


And for more info: http://www.forbiddenplanet.co.uk/blog/2014/directors-commentary-mary-talbot-kate-charlesworth-on-sally-heathcote-suffragette/



“Sally Heathcote: Suffragette” by Bryan Talbot, Mary M. Talbot and Kate Charlesworth



Great v Great

I thought I was the only person in the world who had thought of reading Tina Fey’s book along with Mindy Kaling’s. Okay, I was wrong. Here’s a wonderful, delightful and insightful comparison of the autobiographies of two great comic artists. Thank you, Marsha, for passing it along!

tina fey bossypants      mindy kaling

More From A Rampant Feminist

A while back, we posted Cindy Gallop’s TED Talk about her project Make Love Not War. We didn’t know about the Ted Interview from the same year. Until now. Enjoy.




Sharon Evans & Nicole Hollander At The Image Gallery

This is a busy month! This Saturday, September 27, Sharon Evans and I will have a gallery opening of our works at Image Gallery. Come enjoy the art, the space and the neighborhood.



“Death By Pencil” by Sharon Evans

"Flames" by Nicole Hollander

“Flames” by Nicole Hollander


Glamorous Nerd Girls

Wouldn’t this be fun to do? Get some friends together and some wild clothing from a resale shop and lots of cheap makeup and wigs and play dress up. Of course, take photos.  Sent to us by Tom G. watching the internet, so we can sleep.  And Halloween is only a month away… .


glamorous nerd girls

Mighty Mindy

The Mindy Project is one of my favorite shows. Mindy is brilliant. And here she is on The Jimmy Kimmel show being brilliant about people who give her left handed compliments about her clothing and her weight. The only thing I have against Mindy Khaling is that the women are wasted on her show. She is the only woman on that show that gets good lines, and she writes the show so she could make the women characters more funny. Come on, Mindy, shape up! (No backhanded compliment intended.)


He For She

Emma Watson is becoming an amazing woman. Here she is speaking about feminism and gender equality to the UN.

Just Dance!

This made my morning. Seeing Cher so young and sexy, and corny and sexy at the same time. And! Meghan Trainor “It’s All About That Bass.” Megan and her dancers, made me leap in my seat! Thank you, Elaine.

And I’ll add one of my own choice to the mix.

Still Thinking About Joan

Other women share their thoughts on Joan Rivers and her work. Please share your thoughts, too, in a comment.


Joan Rivers 1965

New York, 1965. Photograph: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Alison Bechdel got a MacArthur Grant!

Congratulations my dear Alison. What to do with that money? Would your cats like their own house? Very close to yours, but their own? One with a giant fish tank? I will think of more ways for you to spend that money keep you apprised of my current ideas. Love, Nicole