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Monday December 9 2014

Riveting Reading

I’m reading a huge book called The Secret History of Wonder Woman. It’s an amazing history written by Jill Lepore, a Harvard history professor. She came across the story, I think by accident, doing what history writers do, searching archives of original papers and documents.

She is a brilliant woman who writes for The New Yorker on politics, etc. The book is so dense, there’s so much…William Mouton Marston invented Wonder Woman…Margaret Sanger, who crusaded for the invention of birth control, was one of his inspirations. He was also the inventor of the Lie Detector and a very unsuccessful academic whose private life got him thrown out of every institution of higher learning.

He lived with his wife and the niece of Margaret Sanger in an extremely successful and stable menage a trios until his death. The children were raised by Olive Byrne, while his wife had a career as an editor for Encyclopedia Britannica. Remember this is all happening in the 20’s. What I really wanted to share was this: In one episode of the comic strip Wonder Woman leaps into Niagara Falls to rescue a pretty young girl named Gay who’s attempting suicide.

“(Women who loved other women began referring to themselves as Gay in the 1920’s. Gertrude Stein used it that way in 1922.)”



Louder Than A Mom

For all of you who couldn’t make it to our performance, here’s a video of June and me performing at Martyrs’ last week.

Year Of The Women Cartoonists

Here’s an article about awards and women cartoonist from Bad Girl Margo.

Roz Chast - Can't We Talk About...

Alison Bechdel

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Life’s Passion

This is a moving little film about finding your live’s work. If you have theater or full screen mode on your computer, it’s best to view it that way. The pacing is slow, the pacing of discovering your life’s work is necessarily slow. Please let me know how you feel after you see it. You can pause  it to make coffee or  look for something you lost in your house and then go back. The message unfolds. It waits for you.

Feminism Meets Feline-ism

I think this is purrrrfect. Chicagoan David Futrelle’s  Confused Cats Against Feminism made headlines with Mother Jones for his satire on Women Against Feminism.  Thanks for sharing, Christina P. It’s the cat’s meow.




Breast-taking Drawings

Absolutely terrific! I don’t know how I escaped worrying about my breasts, but I did. I thought my body was fine, of course I felt my nose was way too big. There is no relief for girls…they never get away from examining themselves and deciding they’re not quite good enough.

And it reminds me of Claire Bretecher’s commentary on breasts.
Our breasts

Marriage In America

Margo in Long Beach sent up an article on re-marriage in the U.S. The last paragraph is interesting and not surprising, although I wouldn’t say that men are encouraged to marry younger women…would that mean that women are discouraged from marrying younger men? Or do we need another study explaining why men don’t want to marry women their own age.

bride in a cage

Cat Show People

Tom sent me this article on Cat Shows from Slate. Check out the last image: Cat Show and then Gun Show. “Own Cats, Not Guns” is my motto.

The F Word

Turns out Time magazine has listed “feminism” as one of the words for voting on banning. And here I thought the word “twerk” was worth banning.
Feminist as a word to ban