Secret Histories

Oh my god! I have to get ready to go to Lillstreet to put up my pop up show, and I decide to listen to Terry Gross interviewing Jill Lepore about the origins of Wonder Woman!!! It takes a massive effort to tear myself away. Listen and see what happens to you!

I am reading Wonder Woman by Jill Lepore now, so it’s Wonder Woman all the time.

And today is the second and final day of the pop up show for my in-progress memoir, Monday, November 3, from 10am – 7pm. 4401 North Ravenswood, Chicago IL
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Thanks to Christina for this blog on transformation…transformation of mundane objects into something, something else, nice to start with the kind of bland object, nothing on its surface interferes with your vision.



Toots’ Dream Freeway

Toots used to jump up on the filing cabinet and then on to the wall of my office. (My office wall doesn’t go all the way to the ceiling.) Then something happened…. I moved something, and then Toots no longer had the path to the wall that she was comfortable with and she never appeared on the wall again. Here’s a solution sent from Christina. I wonder if I can get a foundation grant to have it built?

For Toots, from Christina.



Congrats to the winners of the inaugural Kirkus Prize. I’ve read Roz Chast’s book, Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant?, but not Euphoria by Lily King, nor Aviary Wonders Inc. by Kate Samworth, which sound very intriguing.

Roz Chast Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant

Lena Dunham Reads Judith Arcana

I just got this from my friend Judith Arcana, activist and poet.

Hello all –

Several people have commented on other books in her purchase – maybe you’d like to comment on mine?

If yes, blessings on you: click up this link!

If you are already a fan/follower of Lena Dunham, you know about her abortion/contraception/RJ politics; NOW it’ll be super good if you click up some useful social media to let folks see what she’s reading …….. PLEASE DO focus on the JANEBILL, and tell ‘em you personally know the zine is seriously radically cool/useful/etc …….. thanks!

……… sincerely yours in deliberate usage of the Net by Forces of Good for Reproductive Justice ………. ja

Yes, Ted Cruz Going Ballistic

And petty at the same time! He wants to pass a law that each state can decide not to recognize same sex marriages from another state.“tragic_and_indefensible”_ted_cruz_loses_it_over_supreme_court_and_marriage_equality/

Ted Cruz (Credit: AP/Jim Cole)

Ted Cruz (Credit: AP/Jim Cole)

Can It Be True?

The Tea Party is winding down? Okay, let’s take a chance on feeling optimistic. I have decided against all evidence to believe that this winter will be mild. Let us know what you are foolishly optimistic about.

Image of Paul Ryan for Intro To Gender

A Vision Of Truth

I have been dithering about making an appointment with my ophthalmologist. Okay, Roz, I’ll make the appointment today.

roz pre surgery

Pre-cataract surgery Roz.

Caught This Film Before It’s Gone

I didn’t especially care for Gillian Flynn’s thriller Gone Girl. I feel she can’t hold a candle to the mystery novelists Denise Mina and Tana French. These women are Irish and Scottish, and their mysteries have a real grounding in their cultures, the gritty side of their societies.

Friends took me to see Gone Girl, bribed me with dinner. I am easily bribed. The theater was so crowded, it was he opening weekend, that I had to sit alone, way up high in the single empty seat separated from my friends. I laughed in surprise. (I laughed alone, the men on either side of me, exclaimed, but did not laugh out loud at some of the outrageous evil surprises of the screenplay.) I forgot the book and was carried away by David Fincher’s direction. Ben Affleck is perfect, and that is something I never expected to say. An actor who is almost handsome, but not quite, totally lacking in charisma, a little clumsy… perfect. I recommend Gone Girl.


Powerful Editorial Cartoon

I came across a story of abuse in an amazing editorial cartoon, a cartoon that addresses the issue of abuse and in particular mentions the excuse that some abuse has cultural roots. If so, then your culture must be changed. You can’t use culture as an excuse. That excuse is used from beatings to genocide, and it must stop. I heard about this interview the other evening from a woman who was still reeling from the emotional experience of seeing Scott Stantis on Chicago Tonight. Thank you, Linda, for sharing.

Scott Stantis