Pets & Genders

I thought I was the only person who felt compelled to correct people who assigned the wrong gender to my female cat, Toots. When someone calls her a he, I think, “Toots is a girl’s name. Are you like deliberately thick?”



  1. Robert Muller says:

    When meeting someone’s pet, I usually address the pet as “Baby”. This saves psychological trauma for the pet and embarassment for me as I have probably already forgotten the pet’s name due to my advanced age of 65.

    • i ALWAYS call other people’s dogs “baby.” Thought I was the only one who did this!

      (Would that I could do this with people, whose names I invariably forget as well.)

      • “(Would that I could do this with people, whose names I invariably forget as well.)”

        HAHAHAHA I do it all the time! I just try to use the right noun, because “Hon” and “Dear” don’t work for everybody.

  2. Carol Arrington says:

    not always – there was Toots Thielemans, a famous jazz harmonica player and Toots Shor, the restauranteur.

  3. Iwa Iniki says:

    Beautiful cat!!!

  4. Alysan E. Azman says:

    Boy, I HATE that ‘forgetting names’ thingy! I won’t call anyone ‘honey’ or ‘dear’ because I so dislike when anyone but my mom calls me that (without an appropriate relationship). Surely all of us intelligent adults can come up with something that works! How about ‘dude’ or ‘dudette’???? lol Right. Probably wouldn’t go over well in most circles! lol

  5. I named my female cat Herschel after the great astronomer, and was immediately told I was giving her a boy’s name. Whatever. She is fixed and cares not, as long as I call her for dinner. My boy cat is Hubble. :-)

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