Still More Birthday Fun

I received a fantastic birthday card from Darlene O.

A new discovery for all of you who would like to send e-cards but find Jacquie Lawson just a little too sweet (and I’m being tactful).


  1. hillsmom says:

    What a good find! Try Someecards too…all free. But the Grandchildren love the Jacquie Lawson cards, especially the ones with games at the end. Oh well, I’m glad I didn’t send you one. 😎

  2. OMG, thank you.

  3. Oh, that is so rich! I’m laughing so hard! Thank you so so much! And like, more birthday greetings! Hope it was a really, really hipster one!

  4. Iwa Iniki says:

    I like Rubber Chicken cards – at lease most of them.

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