At Play With Tomboy Chronicles

I thought some Bad Girls and Guys might be interested in her blog: Tomboy Chronicles.

Tomboy Chronicles founder Barbara Luhring has a flaming passion for Title IX and the opportunities it brought to women and girls. Tomboy Chronicles celebrate the stories of females who have used Title IX to better their own lives as well as the lives of others. AND it’s the only place on the Internet you can get clothing celebrating Title IX heroes including Patsy MinkBirch BayhBernice Sandler and Edith Green.


Note from Barbara Luhring: Richard Nixon was the president who signed Title IX into law in 1972, so technically he deserves a T-shirt, too. I just couldn’t make myself do that. But kudos to him. Can anyone imagine ANY elected Republican ANYWHERE supporting Title IX today? Neither can I.

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  1. hillsmom says:

    Boy! er…Girl! Barbara Luhring sure got that right (above). While there are some exceptions, it would seem that most rethuglicians are doing everything in their power to suppress the progress women have gained along the way. That’s my 77 cents worth!

  2. Thank a lot, an awful lot, N! WE females can’t move out this crap gender bias because…… and you can add your own reason! This is one of the big issues that depresses me. This web site took me out of some of that depression. It actually made me think I should do something! But what? anyway, thanks again. and thanks to Tomboy Chronicles. Somebody is doing something, yes!

  3. Glad to abate your depression for a bit Mickey. And thank you both for your nice words. There have been so many good things that have happened in my lifetime (b.1958) in terms of gender enlightenment, but the past few years have been brutal. Pushback is a bit exhausting, but our only option. Blogs like Badgirlschat, and along with coffee help me stay the course! Stay tuned to…more pushback ahead!

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