Margaret And Helen Post!

Finally! It felt like an eternity since they posted, and then two in a row. Thank goodness for Bad Girls like these two.

lgbt wedding window

Sylvia Archive: Preferences And Appearances

Another health quiz from Sylvia. Click the strip for a larger comic.

Tuesday June 30 2015

Speaking Out Against Online Harassment

Here’s a clip from two Sundays ago when he spoke out against online harassment and bullying. I watched the John Oliver show again and decided I had to watch it on a regular basis. Set it to tape every time.

Sylvia Archive: A Dog’s Laugh

Can the Cat with Signs believe Ralph’s chuckle? Click the strip for a larger comic of incredulous cats.

Monday June 29 2015

Sylvia Archive: In The Lab

After sliced bread. But is it next best? Weigh in with a comment.

Friday June 26 2015

Obedience Is A Virtue

The truth of this takes my breath away. From our friend Anita.


Sylvia Archive: Celebrity Birthdays

This Fairy Godmother had special news 14 year ago – does that put him in his 50s now? Leave a birthday wish in a comment.

Thursday June 25 2015


The Future Looks Brighter!

Melissa Mayeux is a great shortstop, and at 16 years old is now listed on the MLB international roster. MLB is a long ways off, but this is still exciting.

Sylvia Archive: Photo Ops

With a new hotline, Sylvia can meet all your PR needs. Request her services in a comment.

Wednesday June 24 2001

Nicole And Nicole, Summer Reunion

Wonderful items Nicole and I saw at the Valmor exhibit at the Cultural Center yesterday! Yes, after a long separation, Nicole and I had another adventure.

Does the black cat look familiar? It should, Jennifer Voss used it in my quilt.

black cat




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