Pro Choice Foes – A Familiar Story

Luckily yesterday’s latest attempt to defund Planned Parenthood didn’t pass.  http://www.huffingtonpost.

But this story has been around since at least the 1980’s, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

abortion rights

Sylvia Archive: Mon Amies

Even the most perfect woman has less than perfect friends. Don’t you?

Tuesday August 4 2015

Stronger Than A Wish

Have you ever exclaimed, “I must have that!” I just did over this felt cat house. Thank you, Sharon.

Felt cat house

Sylvia Archive: Secret Lives Of Cats

Interpreted and made anonymous, naturally. Click the strip for a bigger comic.

Monday August 3 2015

Sylvia Archive: Finally The Weekend

Some Superheroes are all work and no play. Give her your own response.

Friday July 31 2015

Another Touchdown For Women In Sports

There’s no need to be fan of football to be a fan of Dr. Jennifer Welter. It sounds like she’ll make a terrific coach. Way to go!


Jennifer Welter, who played in a Texas Revolution game as a running back in 2014, will help coach the linebacker corps for the Arizona Cardinals this summer. MICHAEL PRENGLER/CSM /LANDOV

Sylvia Archive: Home Alone

The Dogs from Hell barely have to set bait for their prey today. Click the strip and find out.

Thursday July 30 2015

Sylvia Archive: Invitations

Don’t forget a guest, or there could be consequences. Click the strip for a larger comic.

Wednesday July 29 2015

Sylvia Archive: Young Republicans

There is a special Fairy Godmother dedicated solely to helping these mothers. Just ask Gale A Norton.

Tuesday July 28 2015

The Selfie Explained

In case you had any questions about what a selfie is, after reading this article, you will know for sure what is and what it is not a selfie. I laughed continually while reading the column, but I laughed silently. Was I really amused, or did I just mistake a high level of irritation for mirth? Really I loved it. I think Jason is brilliant.

pink chalk hair

This is a selfie.


This is not a selfie.