How The Pill Was Born

I started using the birth control pill around 1956. Women were worried about the pill because we knew it hadn’t been tested for very long, in fact the dosage was way too high and probably caused cancers? I don’t know, but I knew  we were being experimented on. I was terribly excited by the opportunity to take a pill that would prevent pregnancy. I had seen so many young women’s lives, fellow students, friends,  ruined by a pregnancy that was not planned or welcomed.
I think birth control, that is the control of women over their own bodies is the most important freedom. I still support Planned Parenthood fervently although I am way away from child bearing years. We are in danger of losing control of our bodies. There is a great effort on the part of republicans to turn back time.  We can’t let them!
Do you know the history of the pill? We are excited to find out with this new book by Jonathan Eig.

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Cats and dogs have different perceptions of time. Click the strip for a larger comic.

Wednesday October 22 2014

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Tuesday October 21 2014

Lena Dunham Reads Judith Arcana

I just got this from my friend Judith Arcana, activist and poet.

Hello all –

Several people have commented on other books in her purchase – maybe you’d like to comment on mine?

If yes, blessings on you: click up this link!

If you are already a fan/follower of Lena Dunham, you know about her abortion/contraception/RJ politics; NOW it’ll be super good if you click up some useful social media to let folks see what she’s reading …….. PLEASE DO focus on the JANEBILL, and tell ‘em you personally know the zine is seriously radically cool/useful/etc …….. thanks!

……… sincerely yours in deliberate usage of the Net by Forces of Good for Reproductive Justice ………. ja

The Amazing Baobab


Sifaka Photograph by Hermann Erber/Photo Library

I visited my local library. I was in desperate straits. I couldn’t find the book I was looking for. I came without my usual mental list of authors. Ohmygod! I am looking through the DVDs, and I have seen everything! I see a librarian I know. “I can’t find anything,” I whine
(has this happened to you, Roz?). And she says, “I found this documentary on Madagascar fascinating.” So I watched it the next morning. This is my new life’s work. Madagascar has more lemurs than you can imagine, the smallest chameleons in the world, and the weirdest trees: Boabab. I wonder if one can actually visit Madagascar? If so, does any want to go with me?


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Monday October 20 2014

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This feline keeps a journal. Know any cures for this harried cat?

Friday October 17 2014

Yes, Ted Cruz Going Ballistic

And petty at the same time! He wants to pass a law that each state can decide not to recognize same sex marriages from another state.“tragic_and_indefensible”_ted_cruz_loses_it_over_supreme_court_and_marriage_equality/

Ted Cruz (Credit: AP/Jim Cole)

Ted Cruz (Credit: AP/Jim Cole)

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Saturday October 18 2014

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Thursday October 16 2014