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Even this woman gets a Fairy Godmother, though she may not get what she asks for. What do you expect from yours?

Friday January 23 2015

St. Pete Living

I visited The Princess Martha yesterday. They have some apartments available for short term winter rentals. It was originally a hotel built in the 1920’s and has a number of incarnations. Sorta like The Grand Budapest Hotel, but without the humor. No, I will not be staying there.

Princess Martha 1 Princess Martha 2


State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory,


Characters We Love To Hate

Just in case you need to have a list of gals you love to hate, here it is. What about a list of guys?

Women We Love To Hate


Women we love to hate



Sylvia Archive: Economic Downturn

This woman wakes up fearing the loss of Louis Vuitton. What jolts you from sleep?

Thursday January 22 2015

On The Lookout For The Egrets & Ibises

Ever since Connie and I spied a lone egret walking along the sidewalk in front of the hotel, I’ve been watching for them and ibeses! Here are two at the library celebrating MLK’s birthday.

Ibises 1 ibises 2 Ibises 3

In The Neighborhood

Just to keep you up to date on both the available properties in the neighborhood and the work on the swimming pool.

St Pete 1


St Pete 2

St Pete 3 St Pete 4 St Pete 5

 And this little creature was walking on the sidewalk in front of our hotel. I was worried that he might try to walk across the street, but he flew across…much less dangerous.

bird in florida

Sylvia Archive: New Year, New Regimen

Want to receive a visit from the Surveillance Squad? Click the strip for a larger comic.Wednesday January 21 2014

Sylvia Archive: Inventive Deaths

The Devil is more creative than believed. Share an inventive death scenario in a comment.

Tuesday Jan 20 2015

White Sand

A friend drove Connie and me to the Gulf side of St Petersburg to a town called Pass-a-Grille. The beach was white. I’ve never seen white sand before.



Films In Florida

Connie and I saw Big Eyes, a film about the painter who did the big eyed horrible paintings that were all the rage in America during the late 50’s and early 60’s. Turns out her husband took credit for the paintings and made a fortune. She just kept churning them out, and he kept signing them. She finally took him to court to get her proper credit. This is a part of art history that is best forgotten, because it can’t be explained rationally. My favorite part of the movie was the announcement of an app that one could use that gives you the best times to leave the film to use the toilet. I wonder if this app is particular to Florida.