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Wednesday Aug 24 2016

New Horizons, New Projects

To my dear Bad Girls. I say this with great regret, but I cannot give the blog the attention it deserves. I am going to take some time off. Write to me if you feel the urge, and I will answer you. Write to me with new ideas, new projects. Maybe you have an idea for a new blog or a new project for me. As many of you know, I have just moved into an apartment with wonderful views of Chicago all around. Toots cannot think of what window to look out of first. It has been overwhelming with some delightful spots.



I gave many things away and sent much Sylvia material to the Billy Ireland Cartoon Museum at Ohio State—why is there so much left? Does anyone want a drawing from the blog, send me a description and a donation to someone with the initial HRC and I will send it to you. What am I working on? My graphic memoir of my childhood on the west side of Chicago in the courtyard of a yellow brick building where everyone knew everything about everyone else. I had no idea others did not live in that intimate way with their neighbors. After WW2 people had more money and decided they had to live in suburban housing, too boring, but they left and left our neighborhood without enough people to support the small businesses that gave it flavor. No more instructions from our mothers to buy wonder bread we had access to flavorful breads, Italian and Jewish, but wonder bread was the bread of choice.

I’m also working on a story about Harriet with Amazing hair.And also a children’s book about a girl who woke up to find her appearance drastically changed. For the better? She was perfect and then she became more perfect. I started this book because I noticed that a downtown hotel was offering a very cheap rate for 4 days. I went, wrote, drew and put the book away. Recently I’ve taken it out again and my agent is interested. So I’m working on it.


All of this is to apologize for not keeping up with the blog and putting the burden on Deanna. Deanna and I are talking about Facebook. I’m thinking of using Facebook (other people, like my friend Sharon do a good job with it, possibly I can, too) to substitute for Bad Girl Chats. Let me know what you think. Love, Toots and Nicole

Sylvia Archive: Before Inventions

What did we do before devices? Imagine away in a comment.

Tuesday Aug 23 2016

From Miss Universe To Ms. Vote

Donald Trump has lost yet another vote – the vote of newly naturalized citizen, Alicia Machado. She happens to also be a former Miss Universe that he later shamed and name-called. Well done, Trump. And congratulations, Ms. Machado!

Sylvia Archive: IRA Irritations

What made you decide? Click the strip for a guaranteed 300% growth in your comic.

Monday Aug 22 2016

Sylvia Archive: Perfection Explained

Need to know why the Woman who does everything more perfectly does it so? Click the strip for a telling comic.

Friday Aug 19 2016

Sylvia Archive: Musical Felines

These cats can really spin some lyrics. Join in with a comment.

Thursday Aug 18 2002

Sylvia Archive: Before Summer Is Over

School and September loom in the distance. What will you likely utter before then?

Wednesday Aug 17 2016

Sylvia Archive: Guns On A Plane

Sylvia’s quiz is not to be mistaken for a Samuel L Jackson film. Share a new answer in a comment.

Tuesday Aug 16 2016

Trumped Up

This prank video* of Trump supporters would be funny if it weren’t sad and appalling. Wait, it is funny. It’s ridiculous and hysterical.

*No Trump supporters were harmed in the making of this video.