What To Make Of T. P.

Samantha Bee made, by far, the best joke regarding the Trump and Pence ticket. The T.P. campaign has since taken down and replaced their logo, but everything becomes immortal on the internet.


For more a serious and disturbing analysis on the T.P. ticket, check our this article on Trump’s speech naming Pence as his running mate. a read. Warning: a disturbing video with nonsensical ramblings, incoherent narcissism and ass-backwards current events commentary is included in this article.

Scary Links Trump and Pence

Sylvia Archive: Modern Sins

And the confessions that come with them. Click the strip for a larger comic.

Sylvia Archive: Global Recognition

What else can Sylvia put over the top? Click for a larger comic.

Friday July 15 2016

Fundraising Meets Satire

This GoFundMe is spot on! If only there was a fundraiser that could send Trump and the like to a galaxy far, far away. And don’t leave us, handsome young man.

go fund me

Carpe Diem

Yes, dogs are no comparison to cats. But this little guy is pretty darn adorable. We hope he seizes every day with a loving human or two.



Sylvia Archive: Compassion Bone

This woman may be easily irritated, but she’s prone to other emotions, too. Click the strip for a larger comic.

Thursday July 14 2016

Worth The Risk

Guess who’s still an awesome Bad Girl? Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. She’s stepping out to protest, and just plain make fun of, the Donald. But really, she’ll never lose her Badass status.


justice ruth bader ginsberg

A Cat on International Affairs

Because you were really curious for a feline’s perspective on this matter.  #Brexit


Sylvia Archive: Planetary Discoveries

Clyde the Scientist goes freelance. Suggest a name in a comment for the new planet.

Wednesday July 13 2016

Sylvia Archive: Planetary Visits

These women have a serious science chat about space travel. Join in with a comment.

Tuesday July 12 2016