Sylvia Archive: Fat Cat

The Cats with Signs are trying a new scheme. Click the strip for a larger comic.

Tuesday Oct 13 2015

The Marvel Universe and Women

Sexism is so strong that even the success of “The Hunger Games” give them no pause in their ongoing denial of the power of Female Super Heroes.

Black Widow

Jay Maidment/Marvel


Sylvia Archive: Business As Usual

Rita and Sylvia discuss whether or not the Bush Administration is doing biz as always. Click the strip for a larger comic.

Monday Oct 12 2015

Dogs Have Problems, Too

Thank you, Anita G,  for some humor in these times of bad, ridiculous news.



Sylvia Archive: Tell Her Something New

Can Rita stump Sylvia? Or just leave her unimpressed with reality?

Friday Oct 9 2015

Hypocrisy Called Out

Trevor Noah has taken the reins of The Daily Show, and so far he’s doing a great job. We especially appreciated his calling out the hypocrisy of the Republican backing of the pro-life movement that doesn’t care about life after birth.

Sylvia Archive: Party Planning

The Alien Lovers play host and hostess. Click the strip for a party-sized comic.

Thursday Oct 8 2015

Not A Feminist?

Meryl Streep says she’s not a feminist, but a humanist. What’s wrong with that? It’s cowardly and not really what she believes. Below is a quote from an article in the Daily Beast by Teo Bugbee (is that a pen name?).

We are living in a moment where the conservative right is actively attempting to defund women’s healthcare (see: Planned Parenthood) on their way to denying the women of this country our right to choose. We’re still fighting for equal pay, we’re still fighting for paid leave and childcare, we’re still fighting for access to high-paying jobs in the sciences and in boardrooms. The ideals of feminism are more than a simple matter of identity—feminism is the barrier that safeguards women’s quality of life.


Sylvia Archive: Foretelling Financial Gains

If she can’t tell you what will be, she can at least tell you what you want to hear. Click the strip for a larger comic.

Wednesday 7 2015

Sylvia Archive: Clyde Gets The Call

Not just any call, but THE call. Click the strip to zap it into a larger comic.

Tuesday Oct 6 2015