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Thursday September 3 2015

New Career

I have been looking for a new career. In fact, I am a chronicle seeker of a new options. It runs in the family.

We all studied the want ads assiduously. I was part of a suit in the early 70’s to desegregate the want ads. The Chicago Sun-Times had a set of Classified Ads for women and one for men. As I recall, the suit was successful and disappointing: men could not apply to be secretaries and be paid more than women who were secretaries, and women would still not get STEM jobs.

Opportunities for women have gotten better, and more young girls are interested in math, sciences, engineering, etc. Some of them don’t even know there’s a problem – hard to believe, but possible. Wait until they are out in the world for a bit. I, of course, want careers in the arts to be more esteemed and better paid, but some dreams have a longer incubation period.
ballerina Dancing with swans copy

Artistic Repairs In The Big CIty

Potholes are a part of life for Chicago drivers, even this late into the summer. So much so that rather than deal with the court hassle of disgruntled drivers and their car damage, the City of Chicago has created a system for drivers to file claims for pothole damages.

In the meantime, some artists have kept busy with filling street blemishes for the “City That Works.” Bad Girl Christina P. shared the work of graffiti artist Wanksy of Manchester, UK, who draws penises around British potholes to aid avoidance. Maybe he could assist Chicago artist Jim Bachor when he fills Chicago potholes with mosaics of ice cream.



Jim Bachor



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Wednesday September 2 2015

International Legal Systems

Which is your favorite law that another country has and that we definitely should have? I like: only pay for the garbage that you put into the environment. This was sent in by Bad Girl pal Janice.


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Tuesday September 1 2015

Trends For Older Women

My friend Tom says a trend is when you see something you have never seen before, three times in a row on the same day, like a Chihuahua riding a recumbent bike. My definition is somewhat different.

A month ago I had lunch with a friend who was wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt that revealed her desiccated upper arms. I nearly fainted. I haven’t shown my upper arms for at least ten years. Yesterday I saw an old copy of the Sunday New York Times. (I would give you the day, but unfortunately I left the page out in the rain and I can’t read the date.) It is a full color photo of an incredibly rich woman who is on the board of a museum and is a well-known (not to me, but I am notoriously not in the know about these things) collector of art. She was married to an even more incredibly rich man whom she divorced and somehow got bumped off the board, and now she has come into her own.

This is not the important part of my story. She is wearing a charming orange summer dress, which is sleeveless. Her arms are showing. If she can show her arms, and my friend can show her arms, then I can show mine. This is a definite trend.


Trending- crepe-like arms

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Monday August 31 2015

Go Join The Circus

Feeling like Mary Frances and looking for a new gig? Try running off with the Cat Circus. Check out the very-much-real Craiglist ad for the very-much-real Acro-Cats of the cat circus.


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Friday August 28 2015