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I thought I was the only person in the world who had thought of reading Tina Fey’s book along with Mindy Kaling’s. Okay, I was wrong. Here’s a wonderful, delightful and insightful comparison of the autobiographies of two great comic artists. Thank you, Marsha, for passing it along!
tina fey bossypants      mindy kaling

Sylvia Archive: Spanish Traditions

More interesting and less dangerous than running with the bulls. Click the strip for a larger comic.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sylvia Archive: Computer Control

Hoping to receive such a visit? Share in a comment.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Saturday’s Gallery Opening

I had an opening at Images Gallery at 1823 W. Wilson Saturday night. It was the shortest, but maybe the best. I’m continuing to work on my memoir of childhood, the part of my childhood spent on the west side of Chicago, concentrating on my building and the stories of my neighbors. Thanks to Google, I can see those buildings and remember our lives. My block remains as it was, except for the corner mom and pop grocery store, replaced by a Citgo gas station. When I see the buildings, I remember the people. It’s more difficult when I have no aid to memory. I can’t go around the block in my head now that the neighborhood stores no longer exist.

Images Gallery opening

Photos With Politicians

Thank you, Susan F., for passing on this Daily Kos post by Leslie Salzillo to us. Sylvia would love to pose for such a photo with Governor Perry.
Rick Perry and Amanda

Sylvia Archive: Transgressions In The Air

Looking for adventure? Be careful in which adventure you choose while flying.Saturday September 27 2014

More From A Rampant Feminist

A while back, we posted Cindy Gallop’s TED Talk about her project Make Love Not War. We didn’t know about the Ted Interview from the same year. Until now. Enjoy.



Sylvia Archive: Sexual Flights Of Fancy

Harry and Sylvia discuss some high British drama. Click the strip for a larger comic.Friday September 26 2014

Sharon Evans & Nicole Hollander At The Image Gallery

This is a busy month! This Saturday, September 27, Sharon Evans and I will have a gallery opening of our works at Image Gallery. Come enjoy the art, the space and the neighborhood.


“Death By Pencil” by Sharon Evans

"Flames" by Nicole Hollander

“Flames” by Nicole Hollander

Glamorous Nerd Girls

Wouldn’t this be fun to do? Get some friends together and some wild clothing from a resale shop and lots of cheap makeup and wigs and play dress up. Of course, take photos.  Sent to us by Tom G. watching the internet, so we can sleep.  And Halloween is only a month away… .

glamorous nerd girls