Sylvia Archive: Free Rides

But the in-flight movie might no longer be free. Click the strip for a larger comic.

Original Date 6/27/2001 A newer discount airline is making profits by offering free flights, but charging for frills, such as... on board gambling, first run films... and bathroom access.

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Dyeing For Respect

I saw a wonderful documentary about the Woman’s Movement, She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry, two weeks ago, full of women of passion and courage and intellect. Halfway into the film I started noticing that most of the women interviewed had dyed hair. Their faces showed their age, as does mine. I was jolted. These women feel that unless their hair says, “I am still in the game, I am not old!” they will not be heard in certain situations. It’s true, I don’t doubt it. I just hate it!

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Female Thor Is Awesome

And her comics are also profitable! Here’s to more feminist comics becoming popular.

Thor (Credit: Marvel Entertainment)


Sylvia Archive: Male PMS

Does Ted Cruz suffer from this affliction, too? Share your feelings in a comment.

Original Date 6/26/2001 Bad Girl Chats: Evidence is mounting that fluctuations in testosterone produce PMS-like symptoms in men. So when George W gets all emotional about the rights of snowmobilers... and weepy over tax relief for the wealthy... he's just PMSing.


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War On Women ala Punk Music

This link is sent to us by Fontaine. The music is very punk, the images are very well thought out and juxtaposed.

Sylvia Archive: Fast Talkers

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Friday March 27 2015

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Sylvia Archive: Two Of A Kind

The Bush Women have a few similarities. Click the strip to see what they may have in common.

Thursday March 26 2001


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Sylvia Archive: Love Cop Saves

Her work may not save trees, but she does save hearts. Click the strip for a larger comic.

Original Date: 6/22/2001 Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows, But Not If Love Cop Can Help It.


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Sylvia Archive: She’ll Never Have Paris

Not the way she used to that, is. The Woman Who Is Always Irritated just can’t be pleased. Click the strip for a larger comic.

Once Again the French Disappoint... "In France long lingering kisses and heartbreaking partings at train stations are a thing of the past. Non-ticket holders are banned from boarding platforms. Would 'Casablanca' have been the most romantic movie of all time without the heart-wrenching sacrificial farewell of Bogart and Bacall at that train station? "Sweetheart, isn't that 'The African Queen?'"

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Back From A Hack

We were hacked!!! It’s like Measles or Scabies (my personal favorite) or something else equally as icky. We believe the site is fixed now, is even a bit safer than before, and thank you for your patience. Love – Toots, Nicole and Deanna

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