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Tuesday June 29 2016

Feline Leanings In Politics

Did you know that cats are not Republicans? It may seem pretty obvious, but for some it needs to be spelt out.

1. Cats are curious about what you do in your bedroom, but they don’t try to legislate away your freedom to do it.


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Sylvia Archive: Cats And Thumbs

Felines don’t give a thumbs up to humor at their expense. Click the strip for a larger strip.

Monday 27 2016

Double Win For Women

For women in the U.S., winter is not coming. The Supreme Court voted in favor of access to abortion in Texas and helping protect women and men from domestic abusers.

From left to right: Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, (Ret.), Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg & Justice Elena Kagan in the Justices’ Conference Room prior to Justice Kagan’s Investiture.

From left to right: Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, (Ret.), Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg & Justice Elena Kagan in the Justices’ Conference Room prior to Justice Kagan’s Investiture.

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Friday June 24 2016

Liz Warren Begins The Take Down

Senator Warren is just getting started on good ol’ Donald Trump.



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Thursday June 23 2016


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Wednesday June 22 2016

Moving Tales

I am moving for the first time in fifteen, sixteen, eighteen years? I’m not sure how long it’s been. I seem to have collected many wonderful things, too many wonderful things. I would like to have them nicely organized and arranged on a long narrow shelf that goes around my entire living room. (The new living room) That is possible, but not in the near future. In the meantime, I have – with the help of my friend Connie – packed up lots of miniature people and beautiful Mexican wooden animals. The animals are captivating, made simply; and yet they reveal the character of that particular animal with wonderful directness.

I am also looking at drawings that I have done for Bad Girl Chats. I don’t use the drawings for any other purpose. They are for my blog. After they run I put them in small drawers in the closet in my studio. I decide to look through a drawer. I find this wonderful drawing, which I drew when I was sharing a studio with Sharon and the text that goes with it. Here is the text.

I was waiting for my therapy session to begin with a social worker at a JCC in an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood. I’m sitting in the waiting room, eating a turkey sandwich when an older man with the most incredible stomach I’d ever seen walked in. His stomach protruded way beyond what I thought was structurally possible.

He didn’t speak to the receptionist, just headed toward the offices in the back.
The woman at the desk stopped him from going to the offices. She asked how she could help him. He seemed confused. He didn’t ask for anyone by name. He had a normal voice but there was a tension about him the made him seem to be on the verge of some violent action. “Could someone help me find a job?” he asked. He was Jewish. He had been Bar Mitzvahed right in this JCC. He was dressed poorly, but his clothing was clean. He was wearing army fatigue pants, the pants had many pockets. I wondered what was in them.

The receptionist told him that they might be able to help him find a job, but not today. Everyone was in a meeting. Could he return the next day? He moved slowly, there was something bewildered about him, but also frightening. Maybe his bigness and his inability to understand that he could not get a job right that minute or in fact how one would go about getting a job or an interview. Finally he turned to leave. He said, “ I have a car. It’s the only thing I have.”

After he left, I asked the receptionist if she had been afraid. “I always watch their hands,” she said. “The hand is quicker than the eye.’ I said, “I looked at his pockets to see if they were deep enough to conceal a hand gun.”

She replied, “I’m the first line of defense.” And we left it at that.

Looking at this drawing, I think about how unprotected the receptionist was, how unprotected this JCC was. It was in an Orthodox neighborhood. Lots of Jews could be killed at once, if someone wanted to. There was a security guard at the front entrance, but his job seemed to be to see that everyone signed in. He just asked. He didn’t demand or seem intimidating, threatening. I didn’t notice whether he had a gun. There was no metal detector, just a wooden stand with a sign up sheet on it. Since Orlando I’ve been thinking more about violence.

at the Jewish Counseling Center

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Tuesday June 21 2016