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This is the way it really is!!! Thank you, Anita.



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Wedesday May 4 2016


Deanna Steps Up

Deanna has been essential to Bad Girls Chats. You may think of Deanna as the one who makes it happen every day or the tech savvy person who will come to your aid when something weird has happened to the blog or when it fails to appear. Oh, be enlightened, she is so much more.

She is looking for news items to pique your interest, for the perfect image to go with a story, for necessary background on a story that illuminates it. Here’s an example: When my friend Margo ran into a couple in California who had run into a old man in the pool at a hotel they were staying at and began a conversation. Something happened. They spoke French. He spoke French. They bonjoured each other and then began to talk about the past, as French people do. Where did he live? What arrondissement? What street? What was the exact address?

The younger man’s parents had hidden this boy from the Nazis. They had saved his life. To write the complete story: What made them the people who would save this boy? What happened to the rest of his family? What happened to them? What does it all mean? Is there such a thing as coincidence without meaning? There is a memoir here, but not one to be written by Margo or me.

I asked Deanna to find a map, or some kind of visual that would make the story more concrete. She found a photo of the exact building, which is still standing and which gives me chills.

This a round about way of saying, Deanna and I are going to work on the blog together and she is going to take a bigger part, which gives me the opportunity to work on one story a week in depth and, of course, more drawing.

Welcome, Deanna. Thank you for showing up in my life.

Deanna in her white fur

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Tuesday May 4 2016

Birthday Celebrations

Among other wonderful things, I took selfies with Ester for my birthday last week. Thank you for all the good wishes.

bday selfie 1 bday selfie 2 bday selfie 3 bday selfie 4 bday selfie 6


Sylvia Archive: Roasting The Donald

After the White House Correspondence Dinner, we dug around in the archives. Enjoy this 90’s comic.

Monday May 2 2016

Running Mates With Scissors

A truly great example of Margaret and Helen’s way with words. And totally on point politically.

On The Auction Block

Nicole has been in her beautiful apartment for 17 years with all her wonderful creations and finds. But like all artists, she is itching to find room for new paintings, new drawings, new collections, new creations. If you’ve always wanted something from her apt, here’s your chance to bid on it. Here’s just a sample of what’s for auction.










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This feline is not a dog’s best friend. Click the strip for a larger comic.

Friday April 29 2016

Uterus For A Man In Need

Not just any man – a Congressman. And anti-choice male Governors, too. “Knit a Uterus for a Congressman In Need” is a great way to be of service. This has been around a few years, but it never goes out of fashion. A uterus can be knit when waiting for a bus or at the doctor’s office. When watching a Republican debate or other T.V. Then simply send it to a Congressman or other politician in need. He can collect them like Beanie Babies. And this is a gender-equal task – men can do it, too.

Amy Schumer put a new twist on this satire with a new skit this season, too.