The Meaning Of 538

What a neat number! And thanks, Nate Silver, for showing us what voting would look like if all women did not vote for the Trump.

Sylvia Archive: Musical Cats

What happens when you play the radio for your feline? Share some new lyrics in a comment.


Sylvia Archive: Irritated Fairy Godmothers

They have feelings, too. Click the strip for a larger comic.Thursday July 28 2016

Trump Even Screwed These Kids Over

Yes, the patriotic girls who sang his songs of freedom – he screwed them over. And now they are engaged in the all-American act of suing him.

Sylvia Archive: Library Patrol

Even librarians have a Superhero on their own. This comic strip is for Roz and all other book guardians out there.

Wed July 27 2016

Political Bread & Butter

Or Mac & Cheese. Thanks, Senator Barbara Mikulski and Representative John Lewis! And everyone else who spoke at the second day of DNC. It was another night of great speeches.

Herding Cats

It must be easier than is said – this pig does a great job walking cats. Can they be hired to walk larger, more unruly animals home, like Trump? Thanks, Jennifer V!

Just In Case You Missed It

The Democratic National Convention has officially begun yesterday. Here is by far the best speech of the night from the eloquent and intelligent First Lady Michelle Obama.

Sylvia Archive: Cats Who Need

And who have powers to fulfill those needs. Click the strip for a larger comic.

Tuesday July 26 2016

What To Make Of T. P.

Samantha Bee made, by far, the best joke regarding the Trump and Pence ticket. The T.P. campaign has since taken down and replaced their logo, but everything becomes immortal on the internet.

For more a serious and disturbing analysis on the T.P. ticket, check our this article on Trump’s speech naming Pence as his running mate. a read. Warning: a disturbing video with nonsensical ramblings, incoherent narcissism and ass-backwards current events commentary is included in this article.

Scary Links Trump and Pence