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Friday August 29 2014

Female Scientists

I recently spent a day with my sister Jana who is recovering from bionic knee surgery. She has two sons, she has a lot of experience with Lego sets. Under her guidance I put a tiny woman scientist together. My god! The pieces are so so small. Here she is, there will not be another and should you like to buy her and the unused portion of the set please send $25 for instruction sheet, ant size figures and lab items and I will happy mail it to you. Love, Syl & Nicole

female scientist

Woman Scientist with heard slightly turned.

Tenor Or Alto?

Women on double dates often go to the ladies room together. I image they need to discuss something they can’t discuss in front of their dates…Perhaps they talk about a book they’ve just read, they do Tai Chi or maybe…upon discovering one plays tenor sax and the other alto, decide to form a small band. What they probably don’t do is have this conversation.
poster 1 001This signed and one of a kind poster, whose origin in obscured by time, is available for $25 + shipping. Please email for more info. There are more delights to come.

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Thursday August 28 2014

There Is Less Laughter Now

Both I and Deanna didn’t realize Robin Williams wasn’t in fact Jewish until he passed away. But he was an honorary Jew. Yet he was truly one of a kind. And he will be missed.

robin williams

When I learned he named his daughter Zelda, I assumed it was after F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wife. Nope. After a video game he and his wife loved.

He was also named the best guest by a number of people, including Conan O’Brien.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fitting In

I’d like to share a link from Bad Girl Chats friend Tom G. It’s all one world, some of us belong, some of us don’t.

Hollander was my ex-husband’s name. If you come across any Garrisons, there might be a chance that I was related, but since my father just made that name up from his middle name, that’s unlikely. During the Depression everyone had a hard time finding a job, but Jews a bit harder so he changed his name from Silverman to Garrison (Gershon). My grandfather changed his name at Ellis Island from Lieberman to Silverman, thinking it would bring him luck in the new world. This is my family’s version of not fitting in and trying to be a part of this country.

From The Field Negro blog: Saturday, August 16, 2014

field negro
“This is not your country”; even if you are the “Jeopardy!” champion.

I can relate to Arthur Chu’s experience as it relates to his father.

My father was also working on his post graduate degrees in America in the late sixties, and he too would tell us stories about some of the awful things that he experienced while trying to navigate the racial climate at the time.

Unlike Mr. Chu’s dad, though, after he got his degrees my father went back to his beloved Jamaica and never left. As he liked to say when citizens of a certain class were fleeing the island and taking their wealth with them; “I will turn the lights out.”

But I digress.

Chu wrote an excellent article for The Daily Beast that is cut and paste worthy, and I would like to share it with you.

arthur chu

 “I wrote the piece below in a late-night frenzy on July 13, 2013, after receiving a notification on my phone that George Zimmerman had been acquitted of the murder of Trayvon Martin. I had left a party early, brooding about why I felt so strongly about something that, ostensibly, had “nothing to do with me.”

I had originally kept this as a friends-only post on Facebook, because of the justifiable fear that writing angry tearful screeds about how mad you are at America might be harmful for my career.

As it was, the tweets that I sent out about how depressed I was after the Trayvon Martin shooting got dug up several months later by some National Enquirer intern looking for dirt on the recent 
Jeopardy! celebrity, and I got to see a blurb in the Enquirer asking, “Does Jeopardy! champ Arthur Chu hate America?” ….

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

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Monday, Auguest 25, 2014

Street Talk

This is interesting coming at a time when women in Turkey are being told not to laugh in public and in America women are admonished to “smile” by men. The idea that our behavior is the business of men in the street, that male passersby have the right to ask us to look a certain way is something that most women have experienced and are disturbed by.