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Tuesday May 24 2016

TSA Time Lasping

Rob Rogers has a cartoon we simply must share. Thank you, Hillsmom, for passing this on to us. We’ll wait some time before purchasing our next plane ticket.

TSA comic Doonesbury

Sylvia Archive: Scientific Studies

These women know their odds, but they plan on beating them. Click the strip for a larger comic.

Monday May 23 2016


A Political Analgesic

From Nancy in New York, guaranteed to give momentary relief. Do not use in a moving vehicle.

Sylvia Archive: Dangerous Care

Rita and Sylvia discuss fun fatality stats. List another in a comment.

Friday May 20 2016

Sylvia Archive: Mother’s Burden

This Fairy Godmother is here to lighten the load. Click the strip for a larger comic.

Thursday May 20 2016

Sylvia Archive: Tempting Guests

The Dogs from Hell make ready for a feast.  Click the strip for a larger comic.Wednesday May 18 2016

Perfect Last Words

Grandma Ruth was witty women – a Bad Girl we can all learn from. She made sure to have editorial control over her obituary and included a fantastic final line. What would you like to add as a last line to your obit?


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Tuesday May 17 2016


A Girl And Her Bike

Here is Deanna’s first guest post. She bought her new bike a few weeks ago and wrote this piece. An up and coming Bad Girl!

I bought a new-to-me bike this weekend. It’s a red Schwinn road bike with two sets of brakes – touring and racing. Fancy! It is an upgrade from my maroon Sears brand Brittany Free Spirit. The Free Spirit is quite the cruiser. I had pimped that ride with a Country’s Delight milk crate zip tied to the back and a South Dakota souvenir store decal bearing my name. The bike is older than me, and it bears much wear and rust, along with a punctured tire and tube.

unnamed (2)

Free Spirit

It was time to move on to the Schwinn Varsity road bike.

unnamed (3)

Varsity Schwinn

I love the freedom of riding a bike – have since I learned to ride as a child on a crossing sign yellow hand me down bike. Chicago is flat and full of special bike lanes and a lakefront path, which are good for cyclists, and full of horrible drivers, which is bad for cyclists.

When I bought my Free Spirit, I was seeing J. Walking with him from one place to another with my new bike, he wanted to be a gentleman and push to bike along for me. I wanted to push by bike – I had just bought it, I loved it. We argued, he wanted to be a gentleman and I wanted to be my own person. Neither of us were going to back down. His sense of self when with a woman was predicated on doing physical acts for said woman. And my sense of self was based on my ability to do for myself.

In the end, I threatened him with not talking to him if he pushed my bike along and I won that battle. I wish I could have expressed myself better, told him that his need to act the man was stifling my personhood in that small exchange. I’ve since met a man who is ‘woke’ (open minded, feminist and comfortable with himself) and supports me as a person. When I bought my Schwinn, he offered to push it for me and didn’t ask again after I said no thank you. We do chivalrous things for each other because we care about each other. I love holding a door for him as much as he does for me.