Sylvia Archive: Morning Resentments

Waking up angry? Or just confused? Take Sylvia’s quiz and find out.

Friday May 22 2015


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Emma Sulkowicz Graduates!

And she still carries that weight. Emma is the Columbia University student who has carried her mattress as protest and turned it into a work of endurance performance art for her visual arts degree. She’s my hero.


Kiera Wood / Senior Staff Photographer of Spectrum blog at Columbia University

Did you know the accused rapist is suing the university? And that he has had at least one person on his side? 

And there has been backlash since she walked the graduate stage.


Sylvia Archive: Bleacher Bums

Harry and Sylvia discuss possible alterations to the bar. Chime in with a comment.

Thursday May 21 2014


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Sylvia Archive: Budget Cop

Spending and saving wisely? You may receive a visit from this financial fox.

Wednesday May 20 2015 - Original date 8/8/2001


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Another Amazing Woman From WWII

The website A Mighty Girl highlights resilient, intelligent, and courageous women that make history. They recently posted about Ingeborg Rapoport, the oldest woman to earn a doctorate at the age of 102. And that’s not even the half of it! Read the links for an incredible story about an amazing woman.



Sylvia Archive: HMO Cafe Substitutes

Ruby keeps a tight kitchen, but patrons may find a bit of wiggle room. Click the strip for a larger comic.

Tuesday May 19 2015

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The Night Witches

We again want to call attention to the Russian women pilots, unaffectionately named the Nachthexen (Night Witches). Alison Klayman had created this marvelous animation on the high-flying women of WWII.

The Night Witch- A New York Times Op Doc from Alison Klayman on Vimeo.

Dad Bod Buffet

Kristen Schaal dissects the ‘dad bod’ meme on The Daily Show and why it’s troubling. Thanks, Kristen!

Sylvia Archive: National Parks Survey

Sylvia’s current hotline is polling opinions. Leave your answer in a comment.monday may 18 2015


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Oh, I so love and appreciate this. Creative minds making fun of Apple. Will this soon be against the law?