Toni Morrison – Another Amazing Woman

While better known as recipient of the Pulitzer and Nobel Peace prizes, we would like to highlight another woman and writer as a fellow Bad Girl – Toni Morrison. Has anyone read her newest novel? Do tell!



And did you see her on the Colbert Report?


Sylvia Archive: Don’t Belittle This Feline

Consider cloning your cat? Be careful what you say aloud, your cat may have special powers.

Original Date: 7/21/2001 Never Belittle A Cat With Special Powers - cloning


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One Of The Early Bad Girls

History isn’t always passed on accurately or completely. Did you know Heller Keller was a true Bad Girl?


Sylvia Archive: A Vin-Vin Situation?

This Woman wants to help her ami, but will it be enough? Click the strip for a larger comic.

Original Date: 7/25/2001


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Sylvia Archive: Wining

Rita and Sylvia discuss the French response to American drinking habits. Click the strip for a larger comic.

Friday May 1 2015

Chicago Spaces

Tom sent me this from the Reader section: Space. What can I say? I can only marvel at her fortitude. Remember this is Chicago!

How to survive the Chicago winter in a yurt.

Sylvia Archive: To Clone Or Not To Clone

The Cats with Signs help their human make an important decision. Click the strip for a double-sized duplicate comic.

Thursday April 30 2015


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Bad Girls Will Notice!

Girl Noticed is a Nationwide charcoal mural project, and it arrived in Michigan after starting in Florida.  Artist Lori Pratico and and photographer Elizabeth Sanjuan plan to travel all 50 states in 3 years to erect a series of detailed charcoal portraits, created as large exterior murals. Why?  To bring attention and awareness to the important role “the female” plays in our society.

When will they be in Illinois?!

Girl Noticed

Some People Have Got It

I felt Bad Girls and Guys had to see this. Worth watching twice, or maybe every time you feel the need.

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