Sylvia Archive: Voyages Of Pleasure

Viagra has multiple uses, and Sylvia is looking to capitalize. Click the strip for an enlarged comic.

Friday Oct 2 2015

Freedom Of Speech & Body

Turns out women can’t have both. The woman who began the hashtag #ShoutYourAbortion has had to go into hiding after multiple death threats.

abortion barbie

Sylvia Archive: Patriotic Preferences

Today’s installment of the Rhino Series may require a bit of deciding, or none at all.

Thursday Oct 1 2015

Fighting Words

I find it too painful to listen to Cecile Richards being attacked so blatantly by men who hate women.

This interview with Rachel Maddow is much more palatable.



Tiny Edible Art

Today’s art comes from the small, everyday items of life.  Enjoy!

mini spoon art

Sylvia Archive: Bake Sale For United Airlines

All the airline companies, really. Add your ideas in a comment.

Wednesday Sept 30 2015

Social Art

Have you see the “Politicians Debating Global Warming” sculpture in Berlin, in person or via the internet? If only some of them could be dunked like so-called witches in the olden days. From our friend Connie S.


Isaac Cordal – Berlin, Germany


Sylvia Archive: Vices & Crutches

Sylvia and Rita discuss coping mechanisms that are still acceptable. Add your own in a comment.

Tuesday Sept 29 2015

Sylvia Archive: Lured Into A Condo

The Dogs from Hell have set a trap for burglars. Take the bait and click the strip for a larger comic.

Monday Sept 28 2015

Art With A Point

Turning the crank to earn minimum wage with maximum meaninglessness is the point. The machine is set to the minimum wage in different states. Art can make a concept real. Thanks to Tom G. for passing this on to us.

mwm-1 mwm-2