Sylvia Archive: Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner

The Woman Who does everything more beautifully may have outdone herself. Be the judge in a comment.

Thursday November 27 2014


Cats’ Reactions For Thanksgiving

You aren’t alone in your dealings with your family this holiday. Here’s to hoping your day is full of good food and gratitude.

buzzfeed cat at thanksgiving


Sylvia Archive: Internet Addict

Mary Frances knows how serious the affliction can be. Share an addition in a comment.

Wednesday November 26 2014

Thanksgiving Greetings From Helen

Wow, Helen seems a little testy this Thanksgiving. There are a few funny lines which is why I posted it, but it’s not the same Helen. Come back, Helen!

Margaret and Helen Thanksgiving

Sylvia Archive: Stock Market Feline

This cat knows when and how to hypnotize her owner. Click the strip for a larger comic.

Tuesday November 25 2014

Feminism Meets Feline-ism

I think this is purrrrfect. Chicagoan David Futrelle’s  Confused Cats Against Feminism made headlines with Mother Jones for his satire on Women Against Feminism.  Thanks for sharing, Christina P. It’s the cat’s meow.




Breast-taking Drawings

Absolutely terrific! I don’t know how I escaped worrying about my breasts, but I did. I thought my body was fine, of course I felt my nose was way too big. There is no relief for girls…they never get away from examining themselves and deciding they’re not quite good enough.

And it reminds me of Claire Bretecher’s commentary on breasts.
Our breasts

Sylvia Archive: Alien Lovers Take To The Sky

They may not see eye-to-eye about airline companies, but they do share a high-flying love.

Monday November 24 2014

Marriage In America

Margo in Long Beach sent up an article on re-marriage in the U.S. The last paragraph is interesting and not surprising, although I wouldn’t say that men are encouraged to marry younger women…would that mean that women are discouraged from marrying younger men? Or do we need another study explaining why men don’t want to marry women their own age.

bride in a cage

June And I On Stage

Here’s a photo of June and me on stage at the Owen Theatre (the little theater at the Goodman Theatre). I love my hair. It’s the result of wearing a tube like hood against the cold and then never looking in the mirror. We are getting ready to read our piece on love and transformation, which hardly describes it, but that was the assignment.

Come join us at Martyrs‘ tonight for Louder Than A Mom family storytelling. You can purchase your tickets online, too.

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