Prepared For Talk At The Table

These are some points to keep in mind when you encounter some horrible people on Thanksgiving. Caution: you may be related to them. Good luck! And give thanks for your good fortune this holiday.


Sylvia Archive: A Better Thanksgiving

Than yours and everyone’s, of course. Click the strip for details.

Thursday Nov 26 2015

The Feline Patrol

This is marvelous – thank you Bad Girl Pal Bob. In case you missed it, Brussels was on lockdown, and the citizens found a way to get through the days using social media. #brusselslockdown



Sylvia Archive: No More Troubles

This Special Goddess will put an end to all your worries. Describe your altar in a comment.

Wednesday Nov 25 2015

Sylvia Archive: Airline Industry Woes

The airlines industry has issues from time to time. Click the strip for a jumbo comic.

Tuesday Nov 24 2015

Last Chance For Chicago Appearance

This Sunday November 29 at 3:00, my writing partner (June Huitt) and I will be performing our interwoven stories on stage at Martyrs‘ in Chicago. Why not make a party of it and come to Chicago – don’t let false tales of cold, wet, snowy Chicago winter deter you. You can find tickets here.
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Democratic Socialism

Bernie Saunders on the new definition of Democratic Socialism, one that is accepted by a new generation not tied to the Reagan philosophy.


At a recent speech, Bernie Sanders said, “I’m not that much of a socialist compared to Eisenhower.” In many ways, he is right. CREDIT PHOTOGRAPH BY MARK WILSON / GETTY

Sylvia Archive: Surgical Precision

Sylvia’s new service will assist during surgery. Sign up today in a comment.

Monday Nov 23 2015

Sylvia Archive: Box Of Chocolates

What life is like for the Cats with Signs. Click the strip for a larger comic.

bgc strip

Age Appropriate

Have you been told to act your age recently? If not, take some tips from these Bad Girls. This blog comes to us via Connie.  It features women older than 85 who are still doing interesting and creative things.

acting your age