Go Join The Circus

Feeling like Mary Frances and looking for a new gig? Try running off with the Cat Circus. Check out the very-much-real Craiglist ad for the very-much-real Acro-Cats of the cat circus.




Sylvia Archive: Pleasant Hearing

This woman’s positive hearing problem is still just a fantasy. Share another fantasy in a comment.

Friday August 28 2015

Sylvia Archive: Planning For The Weekend

This Superhero wants you to have a good time helping the economy. Click the strip for larger comic.

Thursday August 27 2015

There Are Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much

Toots wants you to pre-order your copy today!


toots promotes new book


Ashley Madison Hack Visualized

Is there some “hard news” (excuse the pun) on this? Or is it all fluff?




Sylvia Archive: Saving Flight

The woman who worries wants safeguard the airline industry. No task too great or small.

Wed August 26 2015

Cat Campaigning in Montreal

A missive from our roving reporter Olivia P. There is a cat running for Parliament in Montreal on an Anti-Graffiti platform. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/humbert-a-4-year-old-furry-feline-tries-to-purr-suade-voters-in-ndg-westmount-1.3195395





Sylvia Archive: Cat Guru Answers

Consider sharing your SUV with all your pets. Submit your feline question in a comment.

Tuesday August 25

Sylvia Archive: Fashionable Tees

The Fashion Cop is pounding the pavement for T-shirts. Click the strip for a larger comic.
Monday Auguest 24 2015

Feline Philosophy

A deep and embarrassing truth about cats from our feline philosopher Anita.