Sylvia Archive: Making Time

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Monday April 27

Happy Birthday

Karl sent me this Roz Chast color chart for my birthday.

A friend of ours told me today was your birthday.

ps: Here’s a New Yorker cartoon that made me laugh…maybe you’ll be amused by it, too.
paint chips


An Old Fashion Protest

From another friend of BadGirls, Elaine.

Title IX flashback – women rowers at Harvard in the 1970s
Came across this today about women rowers at Harvard protesting unequal conditions.  The power of teammates and of athletics!

“I felt the magnificence of the moment: standing up for myself, for all of us, surrounded and strengthened by my compatriots. Forget those rower boys who thought our beloved sport belonged only to them, who thought their disgusting nicknames for us could intimidate and dissuade us. The power of “crack,” “sweat hog” and “inhuman scum” drained away, along with my sense of loneliness. I had found my place, where I didn’t have to diminish my dreams or sacrifice myself to gain acceptance or affection. I could stand tall and strong without stooping to accommodate the prejudice or preferences of others, buoyed and bolstered by my teammates.”

Sylvia Archive: Hard Choices

The woman who’s easily irritated makes a decision. Was it worth it? Judge in a comment.

Original Date 7/18/2001

Sylvia Archive: The Day After Earth Day

The woman who is easily irritated has a change of heart. Click the strip for a larger comic.

Thursday April 23 2015

Women In Showbiz

Amy Schumer is getting more pointed with her critique of gender roles and expectations in her second season on Inside Amy Schumer. And ever as funny!

Sylvia Archive: Burning Calories

A new scientific study tells Sylvia how to move, or at least watch movies.

Wednesdy April 22 2015

Faith and Women

From Jimmy Carter via Betty C. Thanks to you both.


AP photo


Tuesday Treat

Here is another new cartoon. Maybe it will save the planet? Or just your morning.

Saving the planet final framed

Sylvia Archive: Sweet Tooth

Clyde the Domestic Scientist has yet another breakthrough. Click the strip for a larger comic.

Original Date: 7/14/2001