Louder Than A Mom – Nicole & June Take The Stage

June Huitt and I will be doing a joint reading at Louder Than Your Mom at Martyrs’ on Monday, November 24. In our writing class we discovered that we had similar dysfunctional attitudes toward love, marriage, children, you name it, and we decided to write a piece together. The result will be on stage at Martyrs’ this coming Monday. You can pre-purchase tickets at their website: http://www.martyrslive.com/louder-mom

3855 N.Lincoln Ave, Chicago IL 60613

 louder than a mom


And the show even has its own Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/louderthanamom

Sylvia Archive: Earning Miles

The Cats with Signs have a high-flying idea. Suggest another schemes in a comment.

Friday November 21 2014

Cat Show People

Tom sent me this article on Cat Shows from Slate. Check out the last image: Cat Show and then Gun Show. “Own Cats, Not Guns” is my motto.


Sylvia Archive: Gendered Humor

These Bad Girls chat about recent scientific research on laughter. Laugh out loud in a comment.

Thursday November 20 2014

The Current Zeitgeist Of Harassment And Violence

We’ve had some feedback from readers after some posts in the last month on the topic of harassment and abuse of women(here, here and here). BGC friend Richard B. sent me this link after we posted Jessica Williamspiece from The Daily Show and Shoshana B. Roberts‘ viral video.


As usual, the racial analogy is indicative: few now would excuse or allow this sort of annoyance by whites of blacks, formerly prevalent. OK, few except police departments.

So why should women have to suffer this annoyance from men?

Going beyond harassment to women reporting violence, we have recent examples in the media, such as Jian Gohmeshi. Deanna’s friend pointed out the following article that deconstructs Gohmeshi’s place in Candaian pop culture and what the allegations mean to the Canadian psyche. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/10/31/jian-ghomeshi-scandal-explainer_n_6082470.html

What I took away from the article was that generally women’s reports of abuse are not taken seriously and will be ignored unless many women testify to the abuse. Jian’s behavior was known to people in his circles, but he was also an important cultural icon and excused until the evidence was overwhelming. It also took men to point out the abuse, to show that they found the women’s stories credible. Women are not yet credible in themselves when they report harassment. And now the rape allegations against Bill Cosby finally make news because a man spoke about it in his stand up routine – the two women’s allegations were largely ignored prior to this.

Deanna points out that is seems as if our social media culture both facilitates more and new abuse, but it also helps women and other groups speak out against harassment and abuse.

Share your perspectives – this has been a hot topic, and new views and angles can be illuminating.

Sylvia Archive: French Food v Fast Food

Sylvia is ready to protest the French Minister of Agriculture.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Sylvia Archive: Special Goddess Of Four Wheels

Overly dependent upon your car? There is a goddess for that, too!

Tuesday November 18 2014


A Narrow Escape

My bathroom is a jungle. I work often on making it more lush…I worked on it the other day.


I cleaned the finches’ cage, put down new paper, filled the water containers and accidentally left the cage door open.

finch 2 finch 1

The next morning I walked into the room, opened the door and the female finch (Mrs. Precious) flew out. Toots was after her! On the hunt! Wastebasket overturned, mad pursuit, loud crashing noises!!! And then terrible silence.



I found Toots and Mrs. P on the living room floor. Mrs. P was breathing heavily, but still alive. I picked her up and carried her back to her home. I put a capful of food on the bottom of the cage in case she didn’t have the energy to fly up to her favorite container. I checked on her, but I think I should leave her alone for a bit to recover. Toots has been complaining. “What!! What happened!!!?” Now she is quietly thinking it over.

Toots after her unsuccessful assasination attempt



Women In The Arts

This is the intro I gave to my talk at a benefit for Woman Made Gallery on Saturday evening.

I owe my career to feminism. In 1976, I redesigned a national newsletter based in Chicago called “The Spokeswoman.” I started to do drawings to go with the articles, angry women, piggish judges, and then I did my first strip. It featured a man and a woman sitting at a counter about to eat a slice of cherry pie. The woman’s slice is much smaller than the man’s, she points to something in the sky, he turns to look, she switches the pie. If only it was that easy.

Woman Made Gallery was founded in 1992 to change the visibility of women in the arts. More than 7,500 women artists have exhibited here. Only 17% of works in galleries are women. We have a way to go.

While researching the talk I found some interesting statistics on women in the art world.


The F Word

Turns out Time magazine has listed “feminism” as one of the words for voting on banning. And here I thought the word “twerk” was worth banning.
Feminist as a word to ban