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Saturday October 25 2014


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Friday October 24 2014

Pets In Costume

My friend Donna D. owned the Parkview Pet Store on Clark in Chicago (I think it’s frozen yogurt now, nowhere near as much fun), and every year she had a pet costume contest. I was a judge once. All the costumes were terrific, so we gave everyone an award, like: “Best dog dressed as Vincent Van Gogh.” He had a blood stained T-shirt (paint), and his ear was bandaged. My favorite was a horse that came as a Checker Cab. The side of the store faced a tiny street and had a big sidewalk. Donna set up a platform and the animals went up one at a time, led by their owners. It was an exhausting job being a judge because every pet had to have a special name made up on the spot. The animal would appear and we would rush into the office for the secret judging. They all got treats too.

I remember that the pet contest was responsible for our friendship (Donna and me). After the contest we went to a friend’s house for dinner and somone attacked Donna, insisting that the animals were shamed by being costumed. (In particular, the large dog who came dressed as a bride.) I don’t believe I had a well reasoned argument against this idea. I may have just said, “You’re an idiot.”

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Thursday October 23 2014

Conservatives & Empathy

I was told about Scott Stantis’s abuse and his appearance on Chicago Tonight separately by two different women. At the time I thought his name sounded familiar and I wondered how the cartoonist that wrote Prickly City, a decidedly conservative comic strip could be the same person who talked so movingly about abuse toward children. I have a theory, not of course based on scientific research or any kind of research, that men of a conservative bent can only feel empathy for others if they have a personal experience to guide their change of heart. Probably this goes for women too, but I don’t have any examples.

Here’s my example: Dick Cheney. Dick Cheney has a lesbian daughter who is married and has a child. Dick Cheney has accepted his daughter’s choice, although recently when his other daughter was running for office and was negative about same sex marriage, he sided with that daughter. I have no idea of the outcome except that she didn’t complete her run for office.

My dear badgirls (men and women), you will have opinions on this. I await them!


Dick Cheney with his daughters, Mary Cheney, left, and Liz, at the Republican National Convention in 2000.Credit Ed Reinke/Associated Press

How The Pill Was Born

I started using the birth control pill around 1956. Women were worried about the pill because we knew it hadn’t been tested for very long, in fact the dosage was way too high and probably caused cancers? I don’t know, but I knew  we were being experimented on. I was terribly excited by the opportunity to take a pill that would prevent pregnancy. I had seen so many young women’s lives, fellow students, friends,  ruined by a pregnancy that was not planned or welcomed.
I think birth control, that is the control of women over their own bodies is the most important freedom. I still support Planned Parenthood fervently although I am way away from child bearing years. We are in danger of losing control of our bodies. There is a great effort on the part of republicans to turn back time.  We can’t let them!
Do you know the history of the pill? We are excited to find out with this new book by Jonathan Eig.

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Wednesday October 22 2014

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Tuesday October 21 2014

Lena Dunham Reads Judith Arcana

I just got this from my friend Judith Arcana, activist and poet.

Hello all –

Several people have commented on other books in her purchase – maybe you’d like to comment on mine?

If yes, blessings on you: click up this link!

If you are already a fan/follower of Lena Dunham, you know about her abortion/contraception/RJ politics; NOW it’ll be super good if you click up some useful social media to let folks see what she’s reading …….. PLEASE DO focus on the JANEBILL, and tell ‘em you personally know the zine is seriously radically cool/useful/etc …….. thanks!

……… sincerely yours in deliberate usage of the Net by Forces of Good for Reproductive Justice ………. ja

The Amazing Baobab


Sifaka Photograph by Hermann Erber/Photo Library

I visited my local library. I was in desperate straits. I couldn’t find the book I was looking for. I came without my usual mental list of authors. Ohmygod! I am looking through the DVDs, and I have seen everything! I see a librarian I know. “I can’t find anything,” I whine
(has this happened to you, Roz?). And she says, “I found this documentary on Madagascar fascinating.” So I watched it the next morning. This is my new life’s work. Madagascar has more lemurs than you can imagine, the smallest chameleons in the world, and the weirdest trees: Boabab. I wonder if one can actually visit Madagascar? If so, does any want to go with me?